Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gigas NMs (again)! Zeni! ENMs! Proto-Omega!

Gigas NMs!

I went to see about soloing the Pallas pop I had as NIN/DNC yesterday morning. I brought some elemental tools so I could kill the bat without losing claim on Pallas momentarily in case other people were there. There was nobody else there though, so I ended up not actually needing them.

The fight was straightforward enough.Kill the bat when it's summoned and then go to work on Pallas.He, of course, popped out another bat right as he died."Hay guyz need moar socks?!?" And didn't drop anything, of course.

They're down to 20k anyway, so I don't think it really mattered.

Zeni Points!

I've been collecting Zeni lately. It's kind of like Assault points. Maybe I'll actually be able to use either some day? The desired mobs are Scorpion Family or some beast of a Ziz NM in Mamook.

I went with VT Scorpions in Meriphataud [S]. The weird yellow ones only found in the past with unspellable names. It turns out they get potent Auto Regain during Earth weather (I should update the Wiki :-P).

I also saw the last "new Campaign addition" from ~9 months ago for the first time finally.Neato. No clue what it does though, and I didn't feel like getting Allied Tags to find out. It's not Cure-able apparently though.

The Scorpions themselves were rather easy to hold for 20 minutes as BLM though and snap pictures once I found some.

I joined a few LS people to do an ENM Brothers run.BLM x2, RDM, WHM is massive overkill for it.

Varu got Doomed and died though which was pretty funny. :-D


We did a Proto-Omega run yesterday evening.I have some uncanny timing and skill to Manafont and -ga3 both Proto-Omega and a Gunpod at the end everytime. (The Gunpod survives with 25% HP and rapes my face before Stun goes off too.)

We got two chips (which makes two full Omega sets finished again and 1/4 on a third) as well as two Omega's body parts. Jamarn got Homam hands and Tenken Homam legs.

Tenk gets my vote for lootwhore of the month. LOL.

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