Sunday, October 12, 2008

Got Hat?

I'm going to go test it out on some Puddings now.

We did Limbus last night. Apollyon NE.We lost a WHM on the first floor who never came back.

We timed out on the Magic Pot/Doll floor. I ended up being the last man standing on one of the Dolls. With Slow on Utsusemi isn't so hot. I threw on full Evasion gear and did horrid but steady damage. I was evading about half the hits. Then with one shadow left.The fucker literally strips it and then Panzerfausts me for ~300 more HP than I had at the time. I kind of think I only got hit with two of the three hits though as I had Counterstance up and it hit like a truck on regular hits anyway.

Oh well.

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