Thursday, October 9, 2008

I feel kind of bad...

After Einherjar today, several people said they were going to Sky to farm Ulli/Despot and farm pop sets for Byakko and get a few people that still need one a Haidate.

I took forever to get ready and as I warped to sky from the crag teleports, I hear "Despot popped!" over Ventrillo. I asked if we got it and hear, "No." Disappointing, but I go over there to see who got it and get invited to the alliance.

The RDM/NIN who's got it doesn't have /blockaid on, so I toss a Cure 1 for 0 HP. If nobody else touches it after he died, it would come after me until I died.

I was Scholar/Red Mage, so I didn't do some Invincible spam and run off with it or something. But cast a few Barspells and pulled hate at one point to the surprise of a few people. (Barspells are actually very high VE ~31 in a minute would cap your VE.) A few Cure 3's and when the RDM/NIN got killed by breaking his Bind too soon with Bio 2 and taking three Panzerfausts (or whatever Despot's TP move of choice is) to the face. Despot went unclaimed, and another person in the ally claimed it. We killed it about two minutes later and got the jewel.

I R2'd the RDM/NIN who was Bio II+Bind kiting it, but I still kind of feel like a dick. :-/

It's not like I MPK'd him with another NM or added significant lag to the 35+ people who were already there (and there's a better spot to fight), but am I a dick? LOL. I still sort of feel like one.

Then again, he could have /blockaid'd and I wouldn't have been able to get any hate on Despot if he did, and Despot didn't go unclaimed until after he died. So, I'll rationalize any asshatery on my part with that knowledge.

Or something.

Deep philosophical ponderances are probably not at their best at 3AM after having been drinking a little.

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  1. Yes, I did cast Bio too soon and only realized too late. That was my 2nd time soloing Despot, first time won with no problems. It was late for me so got too impatient^^ Thanks for the raise though as I also forgot to use my rr scroll. Lesson learned.