Thursday, October 9, 2008

"I got a Wizard's Petasos +1!!!"

Is what I'll be saying Sunday morning! :-D

I had been waiting for quite a long time to go get another BLM hat since getting the body +1 about a year and a half ago. So, having gotten 2/2 items finally I went to go kill Magic Sludge again. Everyone was either AFK or doing something in LS, so I decided to go solo it as MNK/DNC. After checking the first two ???'s.The second of which requires Manafont.

That done, I switched jobs, cleared the room, and popped it.It turns out that it doesn't hit that hard (but does attack fast) or that accurately. Normally, melee hits are 5-20 damage depending on one or two handed weapons and magic damage is 25% of what it normally would be. So, most solos of it take ~20 minutes or lots of MP restoring meds or both.

Not so with Formless Strikes, the most underestimated Group 2 merit in the history of FFXI, as I was doing ~50 damage a swing and demolished Magic Sludge quite rapidly.Now, I just have to wait until about 11AM Sunday morning and go see Sagheera in Port Jeuno for my shiny, new (slightly moldy with mildew) hat! :-D

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