Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Limbus is not Teh Suck!™

After a year and three months (whenever early July last year is in relation to now) I finally got a Diabolic Yarn!!!Actually, I lost lot on it.But Keffka passed because I've been complaining about it for a year now. So I got it. :-D

We did Einherjar afterwards. The most annoying thing about that is the stupid boat. But I find ways to enjoy such things. Such as Sneak fishing up aggressive NMs.I also got a bunch of tuna that I'll turn into sushi since I'm running out of the stuff.

As for the actual Einherjar fight...Diremites!Bhoots!And Dragons!Oh my!We got it to like 20% and ran out of time. The Nullsong TP move is freaking ghey.

1.2k Ampoules and I think we can do it if we don't get bad luck on the boss/mobs next time.

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