Monday, October 20, 2008

Nyzul Isle (Now with 20% more Turtle!!!)

We did three Nyzul Isle runs again last night. Our replacement 6th member needed 11-15 and 16-20 cleared, and people only had 3 tags, so we only did three runs. We lost one to the stupid sequenced lamps. The other two we won. Including one 16-20 one against Adamantoise.

Adamantoise is actually harder than the Valley of Sorrows version. It spams Tortoise Song which clears Ninjutsu and possibly some other buffs as well (I know it does BRD songs; we didn't have one). No pics of that though.

We're now:
4 Fafnir
1 Adamantoise
0 Behemoth

Anyway, those of us with 4 tags did a random Rank 1 Assault afterwards to get some Assault Points. We did the worm killing one and got a ??? Ring.My first ever decent ??? Item appraisal I think. I lotted 950-something for it and I'm not sure if anyone else actually wanted it, so:I've got an awesome ring for DDing in Assault (and possibly someday Salvage).

26% Haste is the actual equipment Haste cap (people say 25%, but it's 26% due to a hexadecimal base and rounding), and I can now hit it and still use Kick Boots as Monk! :-D

I'm hoping to get to floor 40 on Thursday when we go again. I'm 3/25 by my count for my next rank up to...Corporal I think? I'd like to get a Shark Gun for some NIN/RNG fun. And after that it's a long road to whatever next to the top rank has the Perdu Blade.

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