Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nyzul Isle...Yay.

I did three runs of Nyzul Isle today. The first run we lost. Ran out of time on the 5th floor. Tried again and won! Meaning I only need a single, new Assault clear to rank up to Lance Corporal!Then we went to attempt a floor 6 run. And ran out of time because somebody didn't touch the single lamp that was needed to activate that was right next to the starting point to clear it.

Instead, we spent 15 minutes running around and killing all the shit people aggroed and died to and timed out as we killed the single Puk we needed to win on the last floor.We got a few neato things.Unfortunately, the first was trashed and the second wasn't particularly oohed and ahhed over. Somebody wanted it to level their BST.

The Issue

The major problem, would be this:I cleared floor 5 and got 0 credit for it. And I do not know why.

Which severely pisses me off, because it means that assuming a Nyzul Weapon that I want drops, I will still need to do 14,000 WS points or some absurd nonsense that there's no chance I'd even consider doing. So, I'll need to figure that out or it makes doing Nyzul Isle mostly pointless.

Some irate postings on a forum or two will no doubt inform me what the hell is wrong with it.

In Hindsight...

It was a kind of fun assault though. Although I'm pissed in retrospect to see I'm still on floor 0, it was fun doing it.

A little chaotic because 1) I have no sense of direction and the place is randomly generated and 2) people didn't know what exactly they were supposed to be doing each time and everyone made mistakes.

I'd also like to tweak our setup a little. We had:
NIN/WAR (me)
SAM/WAR (Relic GK)
RDM/WHM (or /BLM I don't know for sure)

I think there's an obvious lack of BRD power there. Having Elegy on 20/40/60/80/100 bosses sounds pretty important. A Slow/Elegy'd mob and Haste+2x March makes tanking anything that doesn't just kill you outright pretty easy. If you can count to 3.

I could go SCH/RDM and heal and have our WHM go BRD. SCH has much higher MP efficiency and the addition of AoE Phalanx+Stoneskin and Enspells would add a little damage. It would also allow the RDM to take over Haste/Refresh entirely and not need to Refresh me as SCH.

As NIN/WAR I couldn't hold hate off a Relic SAM or Sidewinder spamming Ranger, so either NIN/DNC to help with healing or just MNK/NIN for higher damage and..."different" survivability.

I'm not sure how to explain that last point, but tanking as MNK/NIN and NIN/whatever is quite different on EP-VT mobs. Monk evasion isn't as high as NIN's and Monk doesn't get enfeebles. And as far as recasting Utsusemi with no shadows up any hit will interrupt Monk most times, but <~100 or so is only 50/50 to interrupt a Ninja. Of course with Counterstance on mobs that aren't insanely hard-hitting TP move users you counter about half the time (doing damage in the process), so Monk has a counterbalance that way.

Possibly have the RNG go SAM instead, but I'm not sure how much benefit that would really be. I'm not sure which is better geared or which would provide higher damage output and decent damage mitigation to save MP. I didn't notice him taking heavy damage despite demolishing the DC mobs with Sidewinder.

The BLU worked out rather nicely. He's quite well equipped and BLU can of course do both physical and magical damage.

The group was it was setup works pretty well though. I think we would mostly just need to modify it on boss runs.

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