Tuesday, October 21, 2008

PUPdate #50!

I've been leveling PUP some more!

I decided to take advantage of large inanimate level 50ish objects that I could pummel mercilessly without them eating me.Both for EXP and to get my RNG Auto's skill up from 100-something to closer it's 150 cap and to getting the awesome ranged WS, Daze! Which took horrendously long to do.But I finally did it!I have no idea what it does on actual mobs, it does ~40 on Fortifications.

We did a Dynamis - Qufim run just now tonight, which could have gone better at parts...But it started strong...

With this!
Neo is mean and wouldn't let me has. ; ;

Of course nobody else was interested, so...I got the best DDing back for PUP! :-D

I dinged level 50 earlier (hence the title of the post). I also flagged the first Artifact Armor quest and hope to get that set acquired in the next few days. Apparently part of the set is "NPC crafted" and takes expensive shit to make. And I handed in the items to get the BLM head made for my Automaton.

I really need to get the Alchemy PUP attachment making key item as the Mana Converter attachment is never on the AH and it rules for the BLM head Auto. Unfortunately, Alchemy GP has been retarded for the past two weeks so I haven't started it yet.

PUP's pretty cool so far. I just wish I could get an actual, normal EXP party invite. I get stupid shit like invites to East Ronfaure [S] level 37 cap on Colibri. Which I hear are amazing, but no party I've ever been invited to there was killed a single mob.


It's slowly, but surely getting to 75 though. (The Easy Prey mobs giving half decent EXP has helped quite a bit as well.)

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