Thursday, October 23, 2008

PUPdate v5.1

I've been quite busy with Puppetmaster lately. I hit Level 51 earlier soloing in Campaign Battles!

I tried to solo the AF3 BCNM.You can kind of tell how that turned out from the second picture.

I went back today with some friends:And we demolished it!

The cutscenes were really good too.The story was cute and the Automaton had a boatload of 'tude. And all's well that ends well.I'm now a "Paragon of Puppetmaster Excellence" or some nonsense. :-D

I also got a few of my NPC crafted BS thingies:And I finally got the two horribly expensive Automaton attachments off the AH I've wanted for a while.If I get a Coiler off of Ob sometime soon then I'll have the last attachment I need for the RNG and melee frames.

Just my Automaton would wipe the floor with most DDs at this point in a level 51 party...were I able to find such a creature. ~10% Haste and Double Attack. Ignores 15% of a mob's Def and Eva. It has "free" Haste, /WAR, and sushi 24/7 in effect.

The BLM head is also the last frame/head piece available and supposed to be quite good at endgame stuff.

So, my PUP is coming along nicely. Now if I could just get a few decent 10k+ EXP/hr parties and get closer to 75 that would be really great.

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