Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Secksy Feets!

I mentioned it, but no SS as I forgot to put one in, but:
Also, I bought two more Bahuts yesterday and now have 79/80 possible storage.I've been completely cramped for space lately since I have some gear I've been leveling PUP with on Evilpaul from my "secret" mule.

I like to keep melee stuff in my Mog Safe and mage stuff in my Mog Locker and have been unable to do so with the few extra pieces.

But, 14 more slots (+16 in storage, -2 in Mog Safe) and I tossed all my SMN gear into Storage as I rarely use it and my Homepoint is in Bastok Markets, so I can access it very quickly anyway.

I could throw away my Bastok Flag (I've got a Aht Urhgan one that does the same thing) and three snowmen, but they're so pretty I can't bare to lose them. I also don't want to buy a 9-draw almirah to replace them as they are expensive.

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