Monday, October 6, 2008

Well that explains a few things.

Well, just one thing. Why I didn't get credit for doing floors 1-5 of Nyzul Isle yesterday.

Who knew irate bitching about things produced such fruitful results?

It turns out, everyone needs to click a pole before entering floor 1 to get a Runic key item thingy for your progress to be recorded. How completely not at all intuitive (as a person in the BG thread mentioned).

Oh well. We'll get more tokens for repeating the first five floors again and get more practice refining what we need to do to be successful at it consistently.

I need to go look up the boss fights too. The first two or three are Ground Kings, but I'm not sure how hard they are. The Adamantoise could be LOL like the one in VoS. Or it could be a Silencega and Waterga spamming one like the KS99. Or it could do the head hiding huge regen like the HQ Aspi. I really have no idea.

And Now For Something Completely Different...

I've been leveling PUP again lately.I got all but four or five of the available attachments.

One you can't find because nobody does the BCNM.

The other two are stupid expensive because one is from Targetting the Captain a Assault/BCNM that few people do. That drops a Haste attachment that gives 15% Haste when a Wind Maneuver is up and that's pretty awesome. The other is from the ZNM Ob that you need a Puppetmaster to do or it kills people constantly by spamming a 2k damage WS at low HP. That one gives 15% Double Attack with a Thunder Maneuver up.

For DDing purposes, you basically want to have Fire/Thunder/Air Maneuvers up and that combo will have just the Automaton out DDing most jobs until the 60s in an EXP party. The two combined during 2hr give a Hundred Fists like effect. 45% DA and 25% Haste.

As you can tell from the screenshot above, I got the WHM puppet head today too.As PUP/DNC I was killing DC spiders continuously without resting with it.

If I actually got a party invite, I could use it to mostly heal the rest of the party as well. But I haven't in three levels, so bah.

AF1 Weapon

Level 40 also means an AF weapon, which for PUP is a new Animator with a hidden DEX+2 stat. It works in level capped stuff, so you can toss the old one unless you want to do /PUP soloing with the WHM head. The fight was in a pretty cool part of Caedarva Mire I never noticed before.The NM was so easy I just recast Utsusemi once and went to get something to eat.I plan on soloing the rest of the AF NMs whenever I hit 50 and find out where/what they are.

I guess I should probably get whatever the PUP Nyzul weapon is as the WS is a 6 hit crit WS. (Which would be awesome on MNK.) It might actually do better average damage on merit mobs than Blade: Jin as PUP with merits and Sea torque has a 48 DMG weapon compared to NIN's 38 DMG (usually with Senjuinrikio mainhand). NIN gets something like 70 more Attack though assuming both PUP and NIN are using Sushi, so it probably evens out somewhat.

Stringing Pummel undoubtedly looks cooler than Blade: Jin anyway.

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