Thursday, October 9, 2008


I've been saving up Zeni for whenever Epic begins doing ZNMs lately. As such, I need 508 jettons from Pankration everytime I get a 500 jetton Camera and 48 NQ Soul Plates to take pictures. Which adds up pretty quickly. The easiest, lowest maintenance way to get jettons is to make a champion pet for the Diablo cage. I looked around, and it became apparent that making a high magic damage dealing, brick wall of an elemental is quite effective for this.

That, or a Mimic.

But Mimics are ghey, so an elemental it is.

I went with a Dark Elemental (in retrospect, a Thunder Elemental would be better, they're immune to Poison and Stun) and got a few traits for it:
Damage Resistance Bonus (innate)
Arcana Killer (for those pesky Mimics)
Vermin Killer (for those pesky Chigoes)
Instant Phalanx
Instant Stoneskin (the two make it very hard to deal physical damage or use Enspells effectively)

I think the results speak for themselves. (At level 39 versus a level 50 champ)And just now when I went to go see how my pet did last night:There was a Magic Pot champ in at the moment which I don't think my dark elemental could kill because pots take half damage from magic.

But, I've got a few ideas on new pets to kill one of those.

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