Thursday, November 27, 2008

Einherjar Items

I've accumulated over 15,000 ampoules of Therion Ichor now. Which means I can go to Nashmau and pick up an item there of my choosing.

Well, three if I wanted useless crafting materials that won't sell and I don't have an Abj. to get crafted into something useful. Or about 1/6th of an Eyepatch for a Mythic Weapon I would never be able to afford to upgrade.

Of the things I have any interest in are the INT+5 cape and MND+5 Converts 40HP to MP neck piece. The first because it's a tiny bit more damage than my INT+4 Prism Cape. The second because I can use it to proc my Sorcerer's Ring and carry around two less pieces of gear. For unknown reasons I see a lot of BLMs using an Omega Ring. INT+3 and Macc+3 just isn't appealing to me though.

Ritter Gorget is a great NIN/DRK tanking neck piece. But I have yet to actually tank anything as NIN/DRK. So that's out.

I could replace my Jaeger Ring (Acc+4) with an Iota Ring (DEX+3 VIT+3 AGI+3 Acc+3) for MNK, NIN, and PUP. It's slightly more Acc overall and VIT/AGI+3 isn't awesome or something, but it would provide small boosts to Chakra and overall evasion. But I would like to get Sniper's +1's or two Toreador's Rings eventually and wouldn't wear it over them on things that matter.

Which brings me to the last thing that catches my eye: the Animator +1. Like all the Animators, it does't really tell you much in the description, but has this hidden effect:
DEX +4
Automaton HP 40-60
Automaton MP 0-60
Which is pretty nice as many Automaton abilities are HP/MP% activated. They also die less with higher HP. Which is also pretty nice.

Considering my options, I'm tempted to go and just get an Animator +1 as I hit 71 Puppetmaster earlier today and INT+1 as BLM or SCH just is...meh, really.

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