Monday, November 17, 2008


We did three Nyzul Isle runs tonight! We started with a 36-40 run. We got our first Behemoth which was pretty LOL compared to Fafnir and even Adamantoise on floor 20. It dropped Burning Fists!!!!Nobody else is MNK, so my awesome lot on them didn't matter and I got them! :-D

Now I just need 2,720 WS points and I will be able to use Ascetic's Fury. Because we ended on floor 50.Which means we're halfway to 100. 2,720 is a doable amount of WS points, but I'm tempted to wait until we do another run later in the week as it is still quite huge. We could hopefully get up to 55 or 60 at least which is a lot less WS. The 60, 80, and 100 bosses will be more interesting as I've never fought a Cerberus or Hydra type mob and the only Khaimera I've fought was the ToAU mission BCNM.

A definite plus is that when we get to floor 100 we can just have the person who picks the floor come the job they want the weapon for and they only need 250 WS points for it.

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