Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No wonder certain people have so much Salvage gear...

They've been duping drops for months now.

Of course if you're like me you stopped reading that BG thread of an "Oh noes!!!!" post followed by a "What was it?!?" post over and over and over. By page 7 or so skimming it, I gave up and skipped ahead a bunch of pages. Saw more of the same. And skipped to the end to see Rocl locked it. (Kind of an odd thing about BG is that when the uber 1337 are caught cheating their asses off no one must speak of it.)

I'm not sure if there were Nazi comparisons or not, but can't be bothered to read even half the thing. This less 1337 Alla thread actually has an answer on the first page. Per Seedling:
Reading between the lines on BG, I understood that you make 3 parties, ensure each gets their swings in on the mob, and when it goes down, each of the 3 PTs gets the same loot. Don't pin me down on the details, it's just guesswork.

I suspect SE is going to apply some banstick/reroll love here, since it's a very obvious exploit. Those that used it might defend their actions, but it's a clear case of using a bug in the code to gain unfair advantage over others. Even now people are hiding the method, in case SE got the wrong bug.

Also, I'm annoyed that I spend all this time doing salvage not knowing about it.
SE had to know about the problem to emergency patch it, obviously. I wonder how long they've known and if they were watching who was exploiting it? Salvage is quite popular, but only a handful of LSes on each server even touch Sandworm. Did SE watch for a week or so and take down some names? I don't know, but SE may have a surprise for some people around Christmas next month.

But enough about Salvage/Sandworm exploits.

More importantly:I hit 70 PUP finally!

Also:I now have ~6 more Mog Safe spaces and Moghancement: Experience to save me a little EXP from all my dying fun.


  1. lolPUP, congrats on Lv70!

    Oh, so you decided on the "x-Drawer Almirah" approach? The bookshelves are pretty expensive huh? lol (saw your post about space) ^^;

  2. Thanks, 1/3rd of the way to lolPUP71 actually now! :-D

    I ended up doing a mess of different Almirahs and a Bookshelf plus a cheap mahogany bed to get the MH: Experience and not take up all my Mog Safe space with Bahuts and Snowmen. I couldn't go with Bookshelf x4 because the fire element bed is impossible to come by. :-/

  3. Well, I can tell you that I have sent my disgust to the Special Task Force. Sounds to me like a TON of bannings of high-level players are in order.

    Any player knowingly using this exploit must be banned.

  4. Figures that's how people were getting Salvage gear.

  5. Ep, no need to tell the world of this, keep to yourself.