Monday, November 24, 2008

Nyzul 60% Done! 90.6% PUP Done!

After a bit of a delay we went up to floor 60 in Nyzul Isle today. We got a Hydra and only had 5 minutes to kill it. Which was waaaaaaay more than enough.Staff went to Keffka.

Our ordered Lamps are going much better now. We got through both floors with them with no major problems this time. Our ??? items all appraised as junk including our third ??? Necklace from Argus.

Floor 60 means "only" 1,760 WS points to unlock Ascetic's Fury. But I don't have anyone on that's chomping at the bit to gruind out a few hundred level 5 SCs, so I'll wait a while longer. I've probably got ~400 WS points done already though, so I could ding into it when we clear some more floors.

PUPdate Miniature Edition

I haven't had a party in two levels and a few days seeking. But I managed to hit 68 from punching walls and to an increasing degree actual campaign mobs. Which is 90.6% of the way to 75 by levels. It's probably more like 75% of the way to 75 by EXP. But I'm too lazy to check. So whatever.

I have a Whisper of Frost sitting around that I could use to replace my TM Hooks with or just wait for the 70s and get either Hades Sainti or Wagh Baghnakhs. I'm leaning towards the latter because the 14 Attack makes them better for DDing despite PUP's low H2H skill level and the Sainti having 7 Accuracy on them (compared to 5 on the Wagh Baghnakhs).

I also need to go to Windy [S] and get some of the Cobra Unit set. Accuracy and Store TP on it make it better than any of the other magey crap available until the 70s. Once I get into the 70s, I'd really like to get a Haste build going. My PUP only has slightly lower Accuracy than my NIN and people generally like speed builds for Ninja.

The setup I'd like to get looks something like this:

W. Turban (5%)
Goliard Body (4%)
Pantin Gloves (3%)
Usukane/Enkindu Feet (2%)
Usukane/Barbarossa Legs (3%)

Which would put me at 17% Haste. Which is not too shabby. Of course, I only have the W. turbah, so it's something of a work in progress. I'd probably also go with the Pantin Tobe over the Goliard body when using the Sharpshot frame if I merit as PUP as it is Acc+10 for Master and Automaton.

I could also level Dragoon to 37 and get a Haste+5% Earring. /DRG is an interesting sub for Monk as well anyway. That would put me at 22% Haste.

I'll figure it out.

Back to punching some walls in Crawler's Nest [S].

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  1. Careful trying to stack too much Haste on PUP, even with +60ish acc you wont generally get close to 90% without madrigal in meripo. I'm assuming since you talk about how /DRG is interesting for MNK that you have full h2h merits, maybe torque too, but even with that PUP's h2h skill comes up very short.

    Also, AF2 body > goliard for any time you're not on mamools (since you use BLM puppet there). The +10 acc comes out to about a 5% increase in acc on the puppet, and the same for the master. That will generate more damage between you and your automaton much better than Goliard body.

    /DRG is hypothetically very good too, but don't forget that you only get 10 Acc from the sub, so be careful how much haste you stack past that. I actually run through the number of attack rounds ect between /WAR and /DRG for my own PUP in a recent blog post of mine.

    GL with pup though, its a fun job :)