Friday, November 21, 2008

Nyzul Isle Run!

One of our members went AWOL on us, so we got a temp to fill in and try and get Keff caught up to floor 50. Stupid lamps cost us a win though, so we ended up only winning 2/3 and getting him to 45.

We got yet another Fafnir on 40 (only one of each of the other two). Stingy jerk didn't drop any armor, but did drop this:Tifaburgers is a WAR75, so it'll get put to good use.

Hopefully, we get to floor 60 on Sunday. Seeing some ToAU HNMs will be pretty cool. Killing them and taking their loot will be even better.

Nyzul NMs

I'm a little puzzled about the Nyzul Isle NMs lately. I know that they have a small chance of the ??? item from their chest to appraise to what they actually drop. Except the bosses, of course. But, they seem a LOT less common on floor 40+ than previous floors. Which is a little disappointing as we ran into Argus twice (0/2). We got a bunch of "kill everything" floors and all we got were regular mobs and a rampart.


Nyzul WS

As we creep ever closer to floor 100 I've been looking at the WSes for the jobs I've got at (or near) 75.

Summoner gets a light elemental based WS that appears to actually do decent damage that's enhanced by Apollo's Staff. And it has an added effect Defense Down to boot. So, with Carby out for free my SMN would get a WS that does decent damage and reduce the mob's def for quicker kills. Unfortunately, it's for lolSMN.

Blade: Kamu looks like it would be pretty awesome to have for my NIN which I mainly use for tanking things with only a few people. It does crap damage (it's one hit, no fTP damage multiplier, and doesn't crit), but it has an added effect that reduces a mob's accuracy that stacks with Kurayami. It's also the only way NIN can make Light SCs.

Tifaburgers also wants a Sasuke Katana though, and she seems to love NIN a lot more than I do. I also would rather get other stuff more, so I'll pass the first one that drops probably. I don't want to grind WS points for it until we get closer to 100 anyway.

I wouldn't purposely melee anything as Black Mage and the new WS looks pretty blah. About the only cool thing about it is that Vidohunir -> Retribution makes solo Darkness. It's also dark elemental damage and can open an close Light which is something BLM can't do without it (maybe lolClaustrum?).

I wouldn't do WS points for it unless we're at floor 100 already. And I wouldn't lot a Mage's Staff to get it unless nobody else wants it.

Monk gets a pretty decent looking WS. By that, I mean it looks cool and it seems like it can be pretty decent. It's a two-punch WS like Howling Fist with better mods, lower fTP mutliplier, and the ability to crit without lolTHFsub. KI's MNK forum makes it sound like a good replacement for situations where I'd use Howling Fist. Asuran works better on things where you have high accuracy and the target doesn't have high defense. It'll be really nice to have though.

My PUP is only 66, but it looks like that's the job that made out like a bandit with the new WS. A six hit crit WS is what NIN or MNK could really use to take them up a notch, and PUP got one! PUPs are reporting really nice numbers on merit party level mobs. I'd like to see for myself.

As an added bonus, as PUP I could solo off the WS points making a level 5 Light SC with a mage Automaton.

As far as future jobs, I'm not sure what I'd like to do. If people don't want the junk weapons I may lot them though unless it's a job I completely hate. I've got BRD, THF, and COR already, but I'm not really interested in any of those three.

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