Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PUPdate v6.2

I've been leveling PUP some more lately! (And got about 300,000 jettons. No, I do not know why. LOL.)

I actually got party invites and had some Level Sync'd fun.I got 61 and 62 in the same party.

Unfortunately, we were synched to 55-56 the whole time, so I didn't get to use Howling Fist.

I did get Bougrion to do 591 and 620 Dazes on Lesser Colibri though which I think is pretty decent (with 2h).

With a Bard I was doing quite nice damage in the party before my last one. In the last one my damage and accuracy was pretty LOL even with sushi (55-56 cap), but Bougrion was a beast and the NIN at the start of the party couldn't keep him from dying repeatedly. The PLD who replaced him held hate much better and I only had Bougrion die once and that was when I knew Activate was cooled down so I didn't have him hold back any.

I'm curious how the next Automaton WS will be. The ranged one isn't as good as Daze from what I've heard. The mage automaton one is good with very low HP (i.e. not really useful at all). The melee one apparently is OK, but doesn't have the added effect Drain like Cannibal Blade making it situtational. But the melee frame blows for DDing anyway, so I'm not sure why anyone would use it.

I'm also very eagerly awating the 70s. I've got the relic cape and body waiting to equip as soon as I ding into them. I'd like to get the hands too which are like free Dusk Gloves (that PUP can actually wear). The feet and legs are mage automaton specific and the BLM head is pretty crappy until the 70s. Just a few more automaton attachments and I'll have all of those as well.

My PEP seems to be coming along pretty well, imho.

Now to go get a bit wasted before dynamis tonight.

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