Monday, November 24, 2008

Sexy PUP!

I followed up on some of my thoughts on upgrading and my PUP is now level 69 and less gimp!Cobra Unit Mittens, Subligar (doesn't look too ghey), and Leggings (worn on the feet)! 210,000 Allied Notes in exchange for Acc+10 and Store TP+10 over what I previously was wearing.

I say "less gimp" because I don't have TM Hooks +2 and just bought some Waghs that I'll switch to at 72 once I can finally use them. And one more level until I can use my Pantin Cape.

I'm actually half-tempted to drop my Tamas Ring and get a Rajas instead. The Store TP+10 is pretty sweet. Besides I seem to wind up at 99% TP frequently on Monk and that wouldn't happen with a Rajas.

But who am I kidding, I <3 my Tamas Ring waaaaaay too much to drop it. All the memories of the friends I made my run through CoP with. :-D

1 comment:

  1. I was never brave enough to run around in that subligar, I went for the Pahluwan instead. XD

    The feet, I do wear though, until I can get my Pantin Babouches.

    If you want something to wear until you can equip the Pantin Cape, you could go for Ballicose Mantle or Dodge Cape. They're both pretty good and cheap these days, I would think.

    Happy Hunting!