Wednesday, December 31, 2008

15 Seconds per Frame?

Yesterday, we did Dynamis-San d'Oria.

I'd love to know what Square Enix fucked up now, because about 10 times during it multiple people, myself included, had 10-30 seconds where our visuals froze mid-frame of animation, sound slowed to a crawl, and then after an obnoxiously long amount of time started back up again. Frequently, with several people dead inexplicably.

It was like Black Screen d/cing in Sea, only without having to restart to find out you were dead.

Which is ashame because despite being very tired and dozing off at points I was (or thought I was) very on the ball about my blink-tanking as MNK/NIN.

Perhaps, most memorably would be this:With the number of SMN Orcs and the amount of time frozen, GGs and I both knew what was going to happen. :-P

It wasn't all bad though, some things brought me the LULzes.Evilbron dying always brings Joy to my black heart. So, in this case Joy brought her sexy friend, Felicity, to the party as well.

This particular wipe was because of a combination of several 20 second freezes for multiple people (killed most of our Black Mages) and because some dumbass DoT'd a pet wyvern.

Yes, the little lolBlueDRGWyvern things.

Apparently, people will Bind shit without regard to where I'm standing instead of sleeping it, but instead of binding shit they can't sleep and then not standing next to it, they'll get face raped by it and let other shit they can sleep face rape me. Bards can't bind things, obviously. But they can Elegy them and then just spam Cure III between hits every 10 minutes or so.

But I digress.

Anyway, we did get a couple pieces of Relic that people wanted and a little over 350 coins so it wasn't a total loss.

I would love to know what the fucking constant freezes are all about. We only had ~23 people there.

I didn't find out until just now, but SCH hands (one of three pieces I'd like) drop in Sandy but did not drop for us. So, that makes me retroactively disappointed.

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