Friday, December 26, 2008

60 Smithing?

I've wanted to cap out all my crafts at 60 for a while now. They're mostly done except for Smithing, Goldsmithing, and Leathercraft. Specifically,
Smithing 33
Clothcraft 60
Alchemy 60
Woodworking 60

Goldsmithing 47
Leathercrafting 51
Bonecraft 60
Cooking 100
I know what I'm going to do for Leather and have a pretty good idea for Goldsmithing (both will suck for different reasons).

But for Smithing, I'm stuck.

Right now, I'm thinking this probably
34 - Plain Caps
36 - Steel Sheets
40 - Steel Scales
44 - Mythril Bolt Heads
53 - Gorget
54 - Steel Ingot
I'll fish up .7 more Rusty Caps to get 34.

Buy ~4 stacks of Steel Ingots from the Guildshop, make them into sheets, and then into scales. Losing most of the gil spent on that in the process.

To 44 I'll do Mythril Bolt Heads. They don't sell on the AH and are nigh worthless, but I can farm up ores to make the ingots with in Fei'Yin fairly quickly as MNK/THF killing Golems.

Getting to 53 on Gorgets looks pretty rough. But, they do sell on the AH for making Sea Gorgets (maybe I should get a Flame Gorget, finally?) and for a small profit.

But at 54, I'm stuck. Everything to 60 though looks horrendous.

Anybody have a suggestion?


  1. I am in the same boat as you...I am thinking of doing smithing to 100 but I am in the smaller levels... let me know how it goes for you!


  2. You have gorget to 53 and steel ingots to 54. You might want to do the gorgets for the first couple of levels but dont take them to cap. You are much much better off switching to steel ingots around level 48.

    Here's the path I would take:

    47-48 - gorget
    54 - steel ingot
    56 - Steel greaves
    57 - steel scale mail (optional)
    60 -Nodowa (caps at 66 so use adv. synth support and only craft on earthday)