Monday, December 29, 2008

Bahumat V1 and Nyzul Isle finished!

Epic did a Bahumat V1 run for some people who needed it tonight.SE could have made it a 6 person BCNM, it's crazy easy.

Tenken went Monk and I went Scholar. We both did the "turn the mob black" thing with Ascetic's Fury and Ionohelix.I Firestorm'd Epic, but she didn't get hit with a xFlare move (and die). She did stick Ice Threnody (which is fire based) right after though which may have sped up the fight a bit.

BV1 is probably the least exciting thing we've done with 17 people in a while. Only took 6 minutes. lol

Afterwards, we did Nyzul Isle again and tried to get from floor 96 to floor 100. Our first run we screwed up on 97, nearly everyone died while separated, and we timed out on the boss.Our second attempt ended up with us fighting Hydra.Hydra is an ass.

The damn thing spammed Physical Shield, so we were doing shit damage. And we didn't have a Bard, so it attacked fast and we were doing extra shitty damage. As a result, the melees couldn't keep hate and we ended up with it running all over, mages getting killed, and timing out.

At least we got a consolation prize.Awesome.

Our third run went much better. Myoubi came on Bard which made pre-100 kills a lot faster. This time we got Khimaira again and had plenty of time to kill it.And I got my Runic Key! :-D

Something interesting I learned was that:
Fanatic's Drink (Invincible) + Counterstance (with good accuracy) = |-|4>< (hax)
I left shadows down during Hundred Fists with a Fanatic's Drink and Counterstance up and countered ~15 times. Get hit for 0 or crack the mob in the face for added damage. Can't beat it.

I was also under the impression that Fulmination was supposed to be a wipe move, but despite it going off we were fine. Which I'm not complaining about, but next to how annoying everything Hydra does is kind of surprising.

Fun night, I'm going to bed.

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