Sunday, December 14, 2008

Comcast Sucks A$$

So, I tried to turn on Adult Swim the other day.

And got a shit load of static.

I tried on the TV in the other room and got more static.

It turns out that Comcast, the shitty cable TV and internet provider, is using our shitty federal government's mandatory NTSC -> ATSC broadcast dictatorshit as an excuse to pretend that cable TV is subject to similarly stupid bullshit.

It isn't, of course.

But they are making Cartoon Network, AMC, and two other channels that I can't remember, because they suck ass like Comcast, the shitty cable TV and internet purveyor, "digital" only.

If "digital" cable actually looked slightly better than "analog" cable on a non-HDTV screen (as opposed to worse because it has shitty MJPEG compression artifacts and frequent black checkerboard break-ups) I might actually want to have it. But as it is the only "advantage" is that I can watch a few channels more that have garbage on them whenever I [don't] want to.

So, I get to call the shitheads tomorrow and in my polite "go fuck yourself" tone tell them that I can pay less for FiOS by Verizon and get twice as many channels (and shitty internet) or they can give me the same channels for the same price they did last month and keep my money.

If they agree I'd kind of like to tell them to go fuck themselves anyway for wasting my fucking time with this horseshit and insulting my intelligence, but we can't have everything.

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  1. Yeah, they did the same thing with Insight by moving G4 over to digital only. Really pissed me off too since that was the only good channel worth watching on a regular basis.