Monday, December 1, 2008

Corsair...What are the odds?

So, for god knows what reason I've decided to level Corsair to 37. It's one of those situationally, not really useful, subjobs. But whatever.

Phantom Rolls are supposedly random and have values from 1 to 6. Which means a ~16.6% chance of any given number on a roll. So, you would think that when I hit a 6 on my first roll that I'd have a ~85% chance of using Double-Up to get a total of 7-11 and not Bust. I've so far gotten to almost level 20 and 100% of the 6's I've Double-Up'd have turned into 12's and Busts.

It's like a big "ha-ha, fuck you" from SE every roll of a 6.


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