Monday, December 8, 2008

Fenrir Solo

I saw this in the Update Notes today:
The Reraise effect granted by certain spells and items will no longer be removed by magic and abilities such as Dispel and Voidsong.
I would assume that Lunar Roar, Fenrir's Dispel, also was changed. Not liking to Homepoint after failed solos was the main reason I never tried to solo Fenrir as NIN or SCH. With that out of the way, I may have to go try it later tonight or tomorrow.

The strategies are fairly obvious. Gravity kite and Bind as Scholar/Red Mage. Kill with mostly Bio 2 and Helix DoT. If Fenrir moves at normal speed(?), then I could easily kite with Desert Boots and Sandstorm. As Ninja sub Dancer wear Evasion stuff and keep him enfeebled. The first one is probably easier (and provided free RR2).

I'll post an update with how it goes.

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