Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Hydra Cap?

The LS formerly known as Oops (named changed to NeedsMoreRelics for some reason [could have at least gone with WorkingOnClaustrum Q_Q]) did another Dynamis - Tavnazia last night. I was tired as shit, but went anyway as Scholar.

I think we had ~4 drops all together.

The only good one was Corsair Hat.

But nobody wanted the thing.

Corsair is cool and all, but I don't really want to level COR just to look like a flamboyant pirate complete with a colonial era hat of awesome. I'd need all kinds of Rangery crap I don't have and don't think it looks like that much fun to play.

But whatever. Back to Dynamis.

The highlight drop of the night, was this:Which is also junk. Very rare. But still junk.

Some fun things happened:I magic burst a dark elemental helix with double dark weather for abysmal damage. Resist, I guess? I don't think it could have done close to 210 though, so? O.o;

I died a lot.Being Scholar I had Reraise II for all but one death though.This was the death I didn't get R2. I got R3 from this one as I was the only person along with the guy who touched the ??? to die. I wouldn't have died at all had I not been slept by a Demon which then ran off after everyone else and left there while they repopped everything. >.>

I was also apparently the last person into Dynamis.So I got the awesome loot that was in the treasure pool when the hourglass ran out. I also had a now useless hourglass still in my inventory. Remember that part, it's important later.And then Brim had a now useless hourglass and two coins!!! lulz!!!

And that's pretty much it for Dynamis - Tavnazia. We didn't win and got crappy drops. lol.

I'm not sure what this picture was for, but Bonus Bewbs!TTFN!

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