Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It turns out Mythic Weapons kind of suck. Go read the BG thread to see the most Q_Qing since SE fixed Salvage duping (Q_Qing mostly by people who will never be able to upgrade a Mythic Weapon even if they still want to anyway).

Apparently the three Aftermath effects are active one at a time at 100%/200%/300% TP. How people couldn't have been bothered to test that by taking off their KC offhand weapons at Fanfest, I have no idea. PLD Mythic Sword is still the best tanking one in the game at least. (Excalipoor lovers of the world still puzzle me.)

Hopefully, SE will ban people for Salvage duping next week and all that duped Alexandrite will totally have been worth it. LOLz.

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