Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My best QnA evar!

As the post below this one would suggest, I write the RPGamer.com QnA column from time to time. One of their former writers is returning for a special New Year's edition, so I wrote a very important letter for it:
Dear QnA,
A question for Lusipurr: If games were real, what type of pie would you make based on a fictional ingredient from a game?

I, myself, would have to go with a Rolanberry Pie made from FFXI's rolanberries. They're the size of a chocobo's head and undoubtedly delicious. Or a more mundane Blueberry Pie made with Tales of Destiny blueberries. They make you glow a healthy green when you eat one. And they are deliciously mundane like the Tales series.

What say you, good sir?

It's a great letter because it both involves pie and takes a swipe at the Tales series of RPGs by Namco.

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