Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Needs Moar Scholar!

Kaeko has an update on all things Scholarly on his LJ. It's mostly on the recent revelations with how magic accuracy actually works, and why SCH > BLM. Or will be, anyway.

"The issue here is that given enough eventual gear updates, Scholar must inevitably reach the same resist rates as a Black Mage (95% cap), thus overtaking it as the superior endgame magical DD job. This is because SCH and BLM are not directly competing over resist rates - they are both just trying to reach a certain number independently; once this value is reached, resistance is a non-issue, and the fact that SCH is inherently more efficient will make it superior.

This is the huge issue right now for Black Mage in my opinion. If you exclude resistances, Scholar is inherently a stronger nuking job for HNM fights due to its incredible MP efficiency. Black Mage has already generally reached the point of resistances not mattering given correct gear - the addition of "better" resistance gear doesn't change anything for it as a job since it has already reached the cap. The introduction of better "resistance gear" can only benefit Scholar, not Black Mage at this point. Considering how close Scholar is already, this is inevitable."
Go read the rest if blowing things up with magic interests you.

Kaeko also reminds me that I have no Scholar Relic armor yet. Clearly, I need to complain we don't spam Beaucedine until two or more Argute Gowns drop. We'll probably need 12 or so in a month or two since it seems half the LS is becoming more Scholarly. :-p

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