Friday, December 19, 2008

One of these things is not like the other...

It's an odd thing in FFXI.

There's a bunch of DD hats that are good at 75 for TPing on the main 2-hander jobs.
What's odd, is that those three are listed there from least to most overrated in that order. People are like "ZOMGWTFPWNAGEAWESOMEACE'SHELM!!!!" and "meh, W.turban."

While the W.turban looks pretty stupid on any race except Tarutaru, it's got 1% more Haste than the other two. STR+4 doesn't do much for your per hit damage. And since the 2h update Acc isn't really an issue for SAM/DRG/DRK. Yet, people will camp KV for 35 hours straight and drop dead from exhaustion when there's a hat that's more or less the same that I can get on my level 20 mule solo.

Is joining Team Robocop really that important?

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  1. Being a DD myself, I have to say that the added defense given by either askar or ace's surpasses the use of the turban greatly. It just depends on the situation. I believe askar to be best if you are uber and steal too much hate as DD. Turban is meh to those whom have askar. As for Team Robocop, if you never steal hate, it's great. So basically, if you are Brimstonne, great gear with shit merits, you'll never steal hate. Therefore, might as well wear it. Whereas if you are a DD, with great gear and merits, watch out!