Friday, December 12, 2008


I've been leveling PUP more lately and dinged 73 last night!Mostly punching walls like pictured above, but also some miscelaneous fun in Jugner Forest [S].I'm not sure, apparently it's a Campaign NPC.Counter +2 = You get 2 Counters ever for wearing these three Cobra Unit things.

That's one of the two I've seen so far. The other one I had my own damage filtered (hitting walls while semi-AFK for 40 minutes means I'll miss anything in LS chat or /tells otherwise) when I decided to go fight an actual Campaign mob.I also had this impromptu Guard skill up session. Being level 71 at the time and /DNC I lived despite the continuous Triple Attacks from three Biddybugs.

I "just" ~35k more EXP and I'll be able to wear my Pantin Tobe finally! :-D

Campaign Missions ...If?

I wonder if anyone will get my clever reference there? Nah, probably not.

Anyway, I just had the most brilliant idea of how to get people for the lame Bastok [S] mission.! Match people on Hades allied with present era Bastok who are up to In the Name of the Father Mission in WotG.

Chances are if you're in the tiny minority that actually likes Bastok for the current era you also picked Bastok in the Crystal War era.

Or so my theory goes.

It beats /shouting in Whitegate in any case. Plus I can see what jobs they have and if they are wearing retarded gear or not probably too. Which increases the odds of finding someone I don't know who is competent to go with.

And Now For Something Completely Different...

Also, the most underestimated and most awesome part of the update so far:Being able to use 20 minutes worth of Allied Notes beats using up my dwindling Conquest Points on recharging my EXP ring.

Also, because everyone else is doing it I think I'm going to make some sort of "FFXI Wishlist" in the near future. Expect crazy shit on it, like Spharai, and even crazier shit on it, like Glaunzfaust, as well as actually obtainable stuff like first to third tier ZNM items, relic armor, and stuff I could buy from the AH for ~3mil (if I had more than 200k at the moment).

There's also a post by Kaeko on the BLM and SCH relic weapons. I'm only reading it now, but I have to voice sharp criticism of him for spelling "delve" wrong and writing "Prep. Cost" instead of "Perp. Cost"! Clearly, the rest must be wrong too.

I kid, I kid. Go read it if you're into mage jobs at all.


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