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That title seems to work better with PUP.

No matter, the long awaited version update to FFXI was today!

Scholar got Artifact +1, Relic, and Relic +1. Because Limbus is feckin' ghey and Relic -1 shit rarely drops when we do Dreamlands Dynamis, I shall completely ignore its existance for purposes of this fell bloggery.

I didn't check until an hour ago, so this is widely available enough by now that I'll just say stolen from anyone of a dozen possible places, SCH Relic stats:
Argute M.board
[Head] DEF:16 HP+10 MP+10 MND+5
Elemental magic skill +7
Grimoire: Reduces spellcasting time
CanEquip, NoSale, Ex, Rare

Argute Gown
[Body] DEF:38 HP+15 MP+15
Enhancing magic skill +7
"Magic Def. Bonus"+5
Enhances "Sublimation" effect
CanEquip, NoSale, Ex, Rare

Argute Pants
[Legs] DEF:27 HP+15 MP+15 INT+5
Dark magic skill +7 Enmity-2
CanEquip, NoSale, Ex, Rare

Argute Bracers
[Hands] DEF:14 MP+20 INT+3 MND+3
Enfeebling magic skill +7
CanEquip, NoSale, Ex, Rare

Argute Loafers
[Feet] DEF:13 MP+20 Healing magic skill +7
Weather: Enhances "Celerity"
and "Alacrity" effect
CanEquip, NoSale, Ex, Rare

Argute Belt
[Waist] DEF:6 MP+20 INT+5 MND+5
Magic Accuracy+2
"Magic Def. Bonus"+2
CanEquip, NoSale, Ex, Rare
Argute means, "Sagacious; acute; subtle; shrewd. The active preacher . . . the argue schoolman." if you were wondering. Which in this context I would think implies "good Scholar" or something.

The set itself looks pretty nice.

The body piece has "Enhances Sublimation" making it an awesome standing piece and pushes SCH's MP efficiency even higher. Several places have both the body and head as level 75, so I'm not sure which will actually come from Xarcabard, but I'd bet the head.

The head, since I've already mentioned it, looks OK, but nothing too amazing. I'd probably use it almost fulltime in Light Arts while casting and idle in the AF1 mortarboard for the "Enhances Sublimation" it has. Elemental skill also good and close to a BLM relic hat, but for some reason doesn't appeal to me as much on SCH. It probably doesn't help that it has MND+5 instead of INT on it.

The hands would probably replace my lolErrant (INT+5) and AF1 hands for me as they're almost as good for Dark Arts and better for Light Arts if I got them.

Pants are blah. A Drain/Aspir macro piece.

Feet are interesting. If you've got matching weather it "Enhances Celerity/Alacrity". I'm not sure what exactly that means though. Do you get a 'free' 50% Fast Cast effect for spells matching your current Arts/Weather? If so, that's pretty fucking cool.

The belt is quite nice too. If I got one I could sell off my Penitent's Rope. I'd also have HP+50 and MP+20 over P.rope. Which is ~12MP more from Sublimation.

Scholar Group 2 Merits

"Are slightly disappointing" would be a good summary.

The two charge, new Stratagems stay that way at 5/5 merits. The Enmity ones got the expected Enmity-10 per merit making them useless (also as expected).

The Magic Accuracy onces also stay two charges at 5/5 and only gain 5 Magic Acc per merit for a total of Macc+25. Making putting 1/5 into one completely useless.

Stormsurge give a stat+ bonus of 3->1->1->1->1 for a total of stat+7 at 5/5. Which is also less than I was hoping for. But pretty decent I guess.

Enlightenment as of this time at least allows you to use the other Arts' Addendum spells without switching, but still tacks on a MP Cost+10% penalty. Hopefully that's a bug and when there's emergency maintenance announced tomorrow or whenever, they'll fix it. Putting 5/5 into it let's you cut the recast time down to 5 minutes (from 10).

Merit Stateegerry!

My plans for SCH Group 2 are either to put 4/5 into Focalization or none at all. 5/5 into Stormsurge. And either 1/5 or 5/5 into Enlightenment. I'll put 1/5 into Enlightenment to start and then cap Stormsurge. Depending on how useful I find Enlightenment to be I'll decide where to go from there.

Also of Note...

There's a few other pieces of gear added that look pretty interesting.
Lyc. Earring
Magic Accuracy+1
Sword enhancement spell damage +2
CanEquip, NoSale, Ex, Rare
All 72
I hadn't thought of it until seeing this, but does "Sword enhancement spell damage" affect Accession Enspells? And do you have to keep the item on to get the enhanced damage? While I don't melee things on Scholar outside of Campaign Battles, it would be kind of useful if it works for buffing others.

Absolute Virtue is retarded. He also drops the game's only RR3-for-not-WHMs-item, Rafael's Rod.
Mamool Ja Earring
Enchantment: "Reraise III"
CanTradeNPC, CanEquip, NoSale, Ex, Rare
All 72
Well, he used to. RR3 and MND+3 which is more than the HQ Goldsmithing earring gives. I know a few RDMs who just got very excited and a few Goldsmiths who got very agitated as they saw this. :-p

If I got one I'm not sure if I could use the Enchantment or not. I <3 the blue numbers.

I'm told a "Buffoon" in medieval times had a different meaning and the word had a less negative connotation.
Buffoon's Collar
Neck HP+3
Reduces "Overload" rate
Inscribable, CanEquip

Bfn. Collar +1
Reduces "Overload" rate
Inscribable, CanEquip
Anyway, this looks fucking awesome for PUP! And there's a +1 version which means it is almost definitely craftable!!! I'm guessing 60ish Leathercraft to make it probably. If the effect is the same as the AF gloves it's a really nice item to have.

UPDATE: Testing shows that the Buffoon's Collar +1 is every bit as awesome as I could have hoped!

Do these have a hidden effect?
H2H DMG:+4 Delay:+48
Additional effect: Paralysis
Linkshell, CanEquip, NoSale, Ex, Rare
The name means "Watcher." It might possibly be a not-blunt weapon? (And maybe not a pain in the ass to get unlike the other not-blunt H2H weapon?)

This just has to be a 100% Wind proc weapon.
GKatana DMG:39 Delay:420
Additional effect: Wind damage
CanEquip, NoSale, Ex, Rare
I'll let somebody else find out for sure though.

There's a bunch of other stuff that looks neat added, but I'm not going to comment on all of it. What is noticeably missing is the Campaign armor body pieces. WTF SE release those damn things already.

Well, it seems like a decent enough update. But if you're not a Scholar or Dancer I can see why you might be disappointed.

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