Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Square Enix is f$%^ing retarded.

Is there some reason they can't make a mission that abides by how their game works EVERYWHERE FUCKING ELSE?

I'm trying to do this shitty Fire in the Hole mission so I can advance in the rest of the Wings of The Goddess storyline.

It's fucking impossible to find help for it because how the fuck can you tell somebody is on or past it? How the fuck can you tell if somebody who isn't with Bastok [S] can even fucking enter? I don't know. You don't know. Sage Sundi, "I don't know." in its general direction.

So, you can beg people you know ingame to come help. You can send /tells to people who may or may not speak English and may or may not answer your /tells in your allied country's areas. You can post on online forums for help. HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHA!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sorry, I wanted to pretend anyone has ever gotten any help from an online forum.

Or, you can go and try to actually clear the thing on your own with the assumption that SE won't abitrarily completely fucking alter the game's mechanics on you making your attempt laughably stupid and completely fucking retarded.

Apparently, an NPC that doesn't fucking do anything other than fucking kneel and get fucked in her ass generates more Enmity than a PC that's stabbing the mob in its face. That makes sense. Why not go to the FFXII completely retarded no-hate system and just have mobs randomly attack whoever happens to be anywhere nearby?

I mean, why should the mobs attack somebody that slept them over somebody who was...present? Why should mobs sleep for any measurable and comprehesible amount of time? Make it completely random and the reason why completely incoherent. That's inventive game design.

Hell, it's probably the FFXIII system where the mobs attack people for lack of inexplicable zippers on their clothing.


  1. I've had trouble with this one too. It really is ridiculous how inconsistent the difficulty levels/party requirements of the WotG quests are. I've been doing all three lines. Bastok with pickups and Sandy and Windy with my friends. The next Sandy quest we are on which is the same point as this Bastok quest is totally soloable by many job/subjob combinations. Wheras the Windurstan quest and the Bastokan quest at the same levels seem to require full parties with specific setups. And this Bastok quest seems to -require- BLMs... wut. We Bastokans do not sleep things, we hit them in the face until someone dies.

  2. I wish they would at least let me get non-Bastok people to help with it. I've got lots of friends...all San d'Orians. So they can't help of course.


    I'll do some fun /shouting in Whitegate for it in a few days probably. Trying to get my PUP the last two levels to 75 finally. :-D