Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tavnazian Virginity

Oops LS did its first Dynamis - Tavnazia run tonight!After some brief gathering together, we headed in. I went as Scholar for the free RR2. And not needing to -ga3 things there makes it work better than Black Mage in my opinion.

Drops were OK.We got a double drop of -1 legs for DRK and BLU as well as regular THF legs.

And now for something completely different...

I've also been busy leveling Smithing the slow way lately.I'm up to 33.3 or 33.4. Hard to tell when I don't know where exactly at level 30 I started from.

I'd really like to do the final push and get Smithing and Goldsmithing to 60. Smithing was sitting at 30 forever. Goldsmithing has been 47 for forever...and a day. Anyone know a place to get Gold Beastcoins pretty quickly? My Leathercraft is 50 and I could get that to 60 in a day or two and probably make money doing it though, so I should probably do that first.


  1. That picture makes you look fat

  2. Tifaburgers aren't allowed to post comments!

  3. Ameyna gets boned back to 74.