Friday, December 19, 2008

What I've been up to this week...


I think this was last Friday actually, but Oops did Dynamis - Qufim. We got some good drops:Amey deleveled out of Aegis :PAnd we fought the Mega Boss:Nice picture of his crotch, right?

But the focker stunned me:And then killed me:I think the log screwed up the order of what happened as I was stunned from his roar the entire time until I died.

The pull, CS Stun, and BRD swap got screwed up so we didn't win.


I REALLY need to merit more. Scholar Group 2 hasn't been started yet. And Puppetmaster Group 1 & 2 are both very good. I did, however, get a 5th merit after a Campaign battle. So I finally finished SCH Group 1.

Epic did a bunch of KS99 orbs yesterday. Three Behemoths and three Wyrms. I didn't bother to bring an orb (I didn't want to be there until 3AM). Drops were pretty "meh" overall. No OMGIMRICH items dropped and no Black Belt items did either.
Our last Wyrm was nearly a wipe because the worst WHM on Hades got emo because she was asked to Curaga the DD party after Flame Blast and logged off.I somehow didn't die once on any of the six orbs.


I decided to try and make some gil earlier fishing.And I got to 61! For god knows what reason the fish in Talacca Cove had ~2x the stamina of their Zilart area equivilents.

Buffoon's Collar!

I went to go farm some Karakuls afterwards to get synth materials to sign my own Buffoon's Collar +1.Droprate was horrible, of course. But, I did get a bunch of Guard skill ups.Yes, 75 Monk and 75 Puppetmaster and my Guard is only 111. ;_; I forgot what I was doing and didn't try to synth a Buffoon's Collar yet though. :-P


That's pretty much it for what I was up to this week.

I'd really like to go and get ~40 merits next week and really put a sizeable dent into Scholar Group 2. PUP merits will be low priority as I'm not going to get to bring it out for anything except solo fun and maybe ZNM Ob.

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  1. Hahahahhahaha, gabi = evilbron? The fact that she still in both LS's after what she does makes me LOL. Great post.