Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why so...scholarly?

Why's everyone leveling Scholar all of the sudden?

Sure, it's the most awesome mage job ever. It could only be more awesome in theory, and less awesome in practice, if Scholars could cast Haste.

But...what the hell. Is Sage Sundi promising sex and HQ staves for leveling it in PMs or something?


  1. Because it's so much fun! :D Main healing on SCH is really a breeze, most of the time I just can't believe I'm main healing because I can get by with aoe-regenga for most of the time. xD I've never had a difficult or overly stressing party yet (66 now). So the grind to 75 is quite painless. ^^

    And well, I guess the new relic armor popped some new SCH's along too.

  2. I think if anything else it's the versitility of the job that makes it so attractive. As a Scholar your already a top-notch buffer/enhancer with all the AoE effects they can bring to the fold. You can practically switch between WHM & BLM on a whim. You get the best DoT spells available in the game. Not only that, your AF gear lets you wear cute glasses. Now just how awesome is that?