Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Worst Game of the Year, Honorable Mention: FFXI: WotG.

I was listening to the RPGamer.com RPGcast earlier today (MP3 here). There's not much in the way of RPG news at the moment, so they mostly talked about the reactions to the last podcast.

There was quite a bit of controversy over whether people were "gushing" over Chrono Trigger or not, whether CT is still or was a good game or not, and whether FFIV aged well or not. I commented on Chrono and then outlined why I think FFIV, while a fun game, didn't age well because it looked pretty bad next to other SNES games back when the SNES was still the platform.

But what I thought was particularly apt, was one of the people on the podcast mentioning as his Honorable Mention for Worst Game of the Year was Wings of the Goddess. Since it's a year old and has only been updated three times and isn't finished yet. I'd throw in the completely uneven mission difficulty, but I do complain a lot. :P

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