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Picture of the Day

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Because the Mooninites are teh awesome and the City of Boston is teh suck.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tentacle Rape and Scorpions (Also, a Scholar update!)

Catchy and disturbing enough title?
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(It's probably only funny if you played FF6, called FF3 in the US)

Oops LS did a run of Dynamis - Valkurm on Tuesday and, like leveling a job through Valkurm Dunes, it was pretty painful. First, a Funguar NM named Fairy Ring gangraped us, then we went to do the Mega Boss. A tentacley Morbol NM with an unspellable name.
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
I think it went pretty well. You can see the Manticores and Goblins that somebody ran off and aggroed in the second shot that helped the Mega Boss finish us off somewhat.

I Homepointed, and decided to go see how the notorious Gnats are for Black Mage solo EXP. In my thirty minutes wandering around Meriphataud Mountains [S], I found some pretty gold Scorpions.
Image Hosted by
Interesting Fact: Blizzard IV does the same thing to gold scorpions that it does to the regular kind. It makes them look sad and die. :-(

So, I found some VT Gnats by the barricaded entrance to Castle Oztroja. And lots of VT Yagudos as well. I wandered around some more, and found an abundance of Gnats in the Southeastern corner of the place. So as it turns out, Gnats are largely immune to Dark and Wind elemental magic. So, two Sleeps and Gravity resisted, and my Gnat killing dreams evaporated pretty quickly. I had brought a Reraise Scroll, so I just went to Mount Z to slaughter some Ebony Puddings instead.

Dynamis - Beaucedine

We did a farming run of Beauc last night. A DRG body nobody wanted dropped, then much later a Summoner's Doublet that went to Drue, and right after that a 100 Byne Bill dropped.

No pics, but it went pretty well and due to apparently missing a time Statue, ended in less time than usual too.

I has Book.

I've been leveling Scholar some more, and only need about 7,000 EXP to get it to level 37.

Which is probably where it'll stay for a while. Until after SE updates it adding AF and hopefully some additional spells. And until after I get around to leveling Leathercraft some more to make myself some signed Desert Boots.

I could probably take care of that second part now as nobody has invited me to party in over an hour.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jury Duty

I've been wondering lately, how to feel about the prospect of being called for Jury Duty. I've been eligible for this "honor" for some time now, but never been called.

"It's your duty!!!"

I'm not sure I could, in good conscience, participate in it. Some critics would say, "It's your civic duty!" and/or, "It's the law!" To the first, I would reply, "Says who?" and to the second, "And there's a lot of really stupid laws on the books, chances are my 'civic duty' is being called to be bored with long, drawn-out, legal proceedings to enforce one of them. Why would I want to assist in inflicting evil stupidity on my fellow man?"

Really, though, the first statement of my hypothetical critic is echoed by the second. Jury duty is your "civic responsibility" because the government says it is. While I would agree that trial with a jury of one's peers is preferable to a devoted statist (and usually brainwashed) judge as the sole arbiter of one's guilt or innocence, in practice, I don't think it matters.

Both the defense and prosecution seeks to exclude anyone with knowledge in the areas relevant to the trial. They're "biased" a.k.a. might make an informed opinion based on knowledge of how the world works outside of the convenient, little explanation given by various people in the courtroom.

Enter FIJA

Additionally, the judge gives false instructions to the jury regarding their powers and responsibilities, so even if the jury is unanimous that a prosecution is unjust the defendant will likely be convicted anyway because he's guilty according to The Law. There are organizations, such as FIJA (Fully Informed Jury Association), that try to combat this deception that largely destroys the Jury as a final check on tyranny, but 99% of the population haven't heard of them. And courts will generally prevent the defense from telling jurors about them. Most jurors are also probably so stupid that they'd reject the idea that The Law, which everyone knows came down on two stone tablets from Holy Mount Washington D.C., isn't sacred and can be questioned by us mere plebeians. Or how The Law is being applied in the current case. Or both. (Go read the FIJA link, it's eye-opening.)

So, for those two reasons I have serious doubts about the ability of a jury of one's peers to make a better decision than some professional lawyer types or a computer that is fed all the facts of the case and spits out a conclusion. A guilty person who did actually do something wrong, will probably be convicted. A "guilty person" who violated a vice law (See, "Vices are not crimes"), but didn't harm anyone else, will probably be found guilty also. An innocent person accused of a real crime without massive financial resources is also quite likely to be found guilty.

(No, I'm not actually paid by the word)

Of course, those are all good reasons to doubt in the likelihood of the jury system to achieve justice in the modern day, but it isn't an explanation of my original and more relevant point: That I don't think I could in good conscience participate in it. That comes down to a simple reason: It's slavery. The State is saying it owns you and can direct your labor for its own purposes which supersede your own. Disobey your Master, and you will be punished.

Do you need to stay home take care of your family? Do you need to go to work to pay your bills to provide for yourself and your loved ones? Do you need to go to school to improve yourself and provide for your future?

Those are unimportant. The State beckons, and you will obey, boy.

Now, a (rather statist) person might argue, "But, if people don't serve on juries the whole system will break down!!!" To which I'd reply that a system based on forced labor--slavery--should break down. In fact, I'd invite everyone I know to a celebration if and when it did break down and was finally abolished.

Ah, but it might be further argued, "Then how on earth can we have juries to provide that last bulwark, that last check and balance, envisioned by liberty-minded people since 1215, without compulsory juries?!?" To which I would suggest how can we have anything that people want and value without government coercion to provide it? The abundance of goods and services available thanks to the market and supply-and-demand would seem to suggest that if people want and value something, then it will be available.

If people think trial by jury is a good idea, then there would be no need to coerce them into participating in it. People aren't forced to vote in elections, yet many still do anyway. That some people choose not to is their right as free people. I believe the reason people are reluctant to be on juries is probably the same reason many people don't bother voting in elections: Because in the backs of their minds, perhaps not even consciously, they know that their doing so doesn't really matter.

The Silver Lining?

Anyone who hasn't groaned, sighed, walked away, and given up on me as a hopeless and deeply cynical individual by this point, might, with a bright and hopeful glint of optimism still in his eyes, suggest, "But you could do some good if you were on a jury!" While such optimism might revive the faith in humanity of anyone within earshot of it, I don't believe it's particularly realistic.

First, in order to "do good" as a member of a jury one must first get on a jury. As I explained earlier any indication that I've heard of FIJA and my chances of getting on a jury are roughly the same as finding a virgin employed in a whorehouse. But, certainly there is a chance that I would not be asked any questions about my opinions on the overwhelming majority of laws which I find abhorrent. With the general ignorance of the actual laws regarding juries anything hinting of FIJA knowledge might not come up either.

Second, in order to "do good" as a member of a jury, there would have to be someone who is either being Mike Nifong'ed on serious charges and obviously innocent, or there would have to be someone fighting victimless (or political) crime charges. Many of the latter charges don't entitle one to a trial by jury, and even with the ones that do most people will be pressured into taking a deal so the State graciously "goes easy on them" and never appear in court. Most people who end up going to jail on drug charges are minorities (70% of the nonviolent drug offenders in state prisons are minorities according to a recent study I saw), so they are likely to be low income and take the advice of their awful public defender to plea out a deal for less jail time as well. In short, the likelihood of actually being in a position to do good even if I got on a jury seems unlikely.

There's an even more significant problem though. I know first-hand and from dozens of stories from friends, acquaintances, random people I've met, and from accounts on the Internet that police are consummate liars. They're compulsively dishonest. People I've talked to who went in for Jury Duty have nearly all reported being asked if they will believe the word of a police officier. While it is in theory possible that I could suffer some sort of brain trauma, awake not remembering who I am or anything of the past, wander off, start a new life somewhere, and then be called up for jury seems somewhat of a remote possibility. So, unless I lied I would probably be excluded from a jury based on that.

Threats of Violence & Honesty

While I agree with the "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor" dictum, I don't think it applies to someone who is aggressing against you. A few examples...

If a robber pulls a gun and says, "Give me all your money or I'll shoot you!" You take your wallet from your pocket, and hand it to him. The robber then says, thumbing through your wallet, "Is this all of it?!" I don't see a moral obligation to answer him truthfully that, "No, I also have a couple twenties folded up in my left sock."

Similarly, if a person in possession of some cannabis is pulled over by the police (which is an aggressive act in and of itself) and asked if he has any drugs or alcohol in his possession, I don't think he's required to mention the half ounce of it hidden under the back seat (or where ever) truthfully and invite further violence upon himself.

So, in the case of the State aggressing against a person and enslaving him to do jury duty, I don't see that it would really be wrong to lie to state officials during the process.

More Meat for the Grinder

But it's still slavery regardless, so I see no reason to comply with it. Do your worst to me, State. Statist belligerents can hide behind all the police badges, guns, tasers, and blackjacks they can tax people to muster. But as we were reminded on Monday on MLK Day, the entire state apparatus is paralyzed before the power of the truth. The whole Red Army and 40,000 nuclear weapons capable of wiping out all of humanity were powerless before a bunch of unarmed men and women who simply said, "No more."

The time to abolish slave juries may not be at hand, but it will never get any closer if people fail to resist it. If I ever actually get selected for Jury Duty, I'll gladly do my part.

Monday, January 21, 2008

TP Burnin' Sky & Leveling Scholar

I went on my first Kirin TP Burn a couple days ago with Epic. They did it before on a run I missed, and it went well reportedly. An Osode and W.legs dropped, both of which people had wanted for a while.

This particular run, I thought we were going to go straight to do a Kirin, then a little farming, and then another Kirin using two hours abilities both times.

We ended up starting at Despot, killed that when it popped after only a few minutes. Then went to Steam Cleaner. There was a full ally, so I ended up standing around doing nothing. That didn't pop, so we went to go do Ullikummi while a few people stayed behind to try and get SC.

Except, we didn't go to Ulli, Faust was up, so after I teleported to Ulli they decided to wait there and kill that once more people arrived. I got dropped from the alliance and stood around for another hour or so. Then people arrived and killed Faust.

Then, they teleported through and popped and killed Ulli. I supervised that as well, and then they Escaped out without me and I walked back to the entrance of Ru'Auvitau Palace. I think I'd used most of a stack of oils by this point to stand around and/or watch people kill things by this point.

It's announced everyone is headed to Seiryu island to kill that dragon (are 'dragons + very bad things' a recurring theme on this blog?) I wasn't in the alliance, so I only know what happened from what people said in the Linkshell chat and what people told me about later. Apparently, people didn't pay attention, so when Seiryu, whose Added Effect: Wind damage wasn't dispelled, used Hundred Fists he killed the Paladin (our only tank who was there). And then people didn't pay attention some more and broke Bind repeatedly (it was rather easy for me as Black Mage to land Bind, even) and/or MPKed people by Binding it on top of them. They ended up killing it, but the D.abj: Head that our resident Samurai-in-Chief, Neo, wanted didn't drop.

Yes, there's actually a few pictures

As this was going on, I was trying to get to Kirin. After six tries with the teleporter crapping me out at the other spot it does randomly, I ended up at Kirin. Which is good as I had only a single Silent Oil left at this point.

So, people formed another Alliance getting all the heavy DDs (I was there on Monk looking forward to unleashing some truly epic Hundred Fists pwnage) and leaving a slot for the three Bards who were going to be rotated with Soul Voiced song buffs. As it turns out, they didn't have room for me or one of the other Samurais, so I got to watch some more.

Kirin was popped, and all the DDs in the Alliance begin going crazy on him. At about 30-40%, he pops out Ifrit and Infernos everybody in range. I was out of range apparently, so I didn't get hit with it. But it did fuck up everyone who did get hit with it pretty well. It was also Firesday at the time, which a bunch of people seemed to think really mattered, but I don't really think it did. People were probably a little slow with the Curagas afterwards, and about five people ended up dead.

The other SAM who was outside the Ally and myself were invited at this point, I used Focus, Hundred Fists and unleashed the MFing fury!!!! I probably did about 900 or so damage if you add up all the hits that weren't 0 along with my 370ish and 150ish Asuran Fists. I went MNK/NIN, which allowed me to tank Kirin for maybe 30 seconds or so as people were being slaughtered by Byakko and then Suzaku before getting dropped myself.

Here's a few pictures:
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by
I should be a photographer.

Sky isn't just being eaten by dragons and tigers thouhgh, it can also be pretty:
Image Hosted by
Image Hosted by

Leveling Scholar

I've also been busy leveling Scholar lately. It's supposed to be getting Blink and Stoneskin in a upcoming update, so it'll then be a rather nice sub for BLM and SMN. I'd also kind of like to try being a Scholar in Dynamis as a change from Black Mage, and with the Weather spells and ability to still nuke decently well, it could work pretty well for that purpose.

Here's the 20 somethings in Lower Delkfutt's Tower:
Image Hosted by
And another outside on Qufim Island during an aurora borealis weather thingy:
Image Hosted by
So pretty.

Leathercraft Mule Important Update

Well, not really. I got the Ensorcellment key item to make High Breath Mantles and a Chocobo License because walking is gheyer than Chocoboing around. I saw these guys while leveling in Valkurm Dunes:
Image Hosted by
Remarkable coincidence that they all have the same taste in gimpy-ass equipment and similarly shitty Internet connections that they all disconnect at exactly the same time.


Wine #2 Started

I just pitched the yeast into the must of my second batch of wine. It's a Bougeron Rouge kit, and smelled quite lovely. I have my first batch, the Zinfandel ready to bottle, maybe a month or two more to start drinking it. Less if I get impatient.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Freedom on the March

From the people that brought you Andrew Meyer, meet well...I'm not sure what the guy's name is, actually. The cop's name is Trooper John Gardener though. He probably lives in Utah, but you definitely shouldn't look up his address and sign him up for catalogs, gay with herpes support group mailings, etc. That would be wrong and it is probably also illegal in your own state and/or Utah.

I remember people doing that to a notorious Internet spammer and they found catalogs by googling (without the quotes) "Name Address City State"

Friday, January 18, 2008

Dynamis - Bastok tonight

Well, it looks like we're doing Dynamis-Bastok tonight in about an hour. Using my superior powers of Pesmiscience™ I know that a Sorcerer's Tonban will not drop to make me 6/6 on Black Mage relic armor. But, of course the future is uncertain, so it could drop and if it does we'll have our first ninja-lotted relic that I know of, and it'll be on pants that I was supposed to get.

I don't know who the BLM point leader is right now though, so who knows if I'm even at the front of the line anyway.

Oh well, back to fishing (dinged 29, almost to 30) and maybe write a Dynamis-Haiku before then.

UPDATE: Well, we just killed the giant statue boss thing. Not a single piece of relic armor has dropped. Plenty of Relic Axes, Relic Blades, and Itos though. And just got a Relic Scythe too.

As far as shit that people might actually want though? Some Wootz Ores. Which are rather expensive as far as random shit dropping in Dynamis goes because of their use in making Salvage bodies.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hate Speech Laws

There's an outstanding article by Glenn Greenwald titled, "The Noxious Fruit of Hate Speech Laws" on Salon. He's been on Scott Horton's radio show multiple times, and is an alright guy.

If you read his article, he mentions a Youtube video in which a neoconservative, warmongering, hatemongering, etc fellow is speaking with the Alberta, CA Inquisition/Thought Police which Greenwald embedded in his article. Now, as you might gather from the preceding sentence, I'm not a neo-con. (I've been called a "Blame-America-First-Far-Leftist" on more than one occassion, in fact. I'm not a leftist either, actually. So, I found that to be pretty amusing.) But, if you watch the Youtube video, this right-wing kook is a pretty sympathetic, pro-liberty and individualist-sounding guy. He's standing up to the tyrannical State and it's bureaucrat. A bureaucrat who, it's interesting to add, is being blatantly dishonest in refusing to acknowledge the clear truth that the question she asked him was a guilt or innocence determining one.

There's also a rather funny (to me at least) moment when the guy mentions that Mohammed is dead, so he probably wasn't offended by the anti-Islamic cartoon the guy published. There's apparently multiple additional parts from looking briefly at the see more similar vids at the end of it as well that I may have to watch later. He agreed not to publish the video from the closed Thought Crimes Court, so I may as well watch all of it.

Anyway, as Greenwald notes at the end of the article:
Just like Bush followers who bizarrely think that the limitless
presidential powers they're cheering on will only be wielded by political leaders they like, many hate speech law proponents convince themselves that such laws will only be used to punish speech they dislike. That is never how tyrannical government power works.
Another point that I think can be made about this, is that people look to totalitarian systems like those established by the Nazis, or the various Communists, or some less ideologically-motivated dictators and see how different they are from our wonderful two party, democratic, republican system in the US (or Canada, Europe, etc). Where the State is nice enough that it mostly doesn't arrest people and hold them without trial, or "disappear" and torture them in secret military prisons, or tase them to death, or do whatever else. Although the legal framework to allow it is already here in the US.

And while living under George W. Bush is presumably more pleasant than living as not-one-of-the-"undesirables" was under Hitler, it's also what people are used to, and the State has a pretty, American face on it. It's much of the same on the home front (and basically the same abroad with aggressive wars and slaughtering hundreds of thousands), just not as bad. Yet.

It also doesn't really matter to a particular individual victim of the State if there's millions more like him. If he's getting brutally f*cked over to be made an example of or as part of a bigger more grand design...he's still getting murdered, beaten, tased, tortured, imprisoned, or any other nasty thing or things the State feels like inflicting upon him. President Bush, or President Hillary Clinton, or President McCain, or any "President Not-Ron Paul" that we end up with and whichever party winds up in power in the Congress, will be more than willing to inflict a worse revision of more of the same on us.

Yeah, I'm not an optimist. I hear New Zealand is nice. It is warm there on my birthday, at least.

It's Snowing Out

F*ck I hate the snow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Another Apollyon NW run

No drop until the last floor on Diabolic Yarn, I lot 113, somebody else lots 300 something. Got three coins apiece with the split.

Limbus still sucks.

Just Smile and Wave?

Well, I talked to my friend, Buddy, yesterday, and agreed to give him a ride to his hockey game, which was rather late at 11PM. I realized later, that I had to be up at 8AM, and regretted that a little. I still got about 6 hours of sleep though, so it worked out ok.

While driving back from the hockey place, we drove by a local dive bar with a Take Out section, so I stopped so Buddy could grab some beer. As we're walking back to my car in the parking lot, the local police drive by, pull into a parking lot across the street, and then drive behind the restraunt there and come around to the other side facing my car directly across the street. As I got in, I turned to Buddy and asked, "So did I forget to use my turn signal, or was I speeding?" inquring about the future in the past tense.

I got into the car, turn it on, put on my turn signal, and turn out onto the street. I turned sideways in my seat, put on a huge smile and wave frenetically to Officier Hitler across the way, and drive down the road. Much to my surprise, Mein Fuhrer turned the opposite way and disappeared into the distance.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Random people bleeding everywhere

I'm not sure what labels I should put on this post, but I'm going to go with "bleeding homeless." I went to the brewing store yesterday for a brew club meeting. On the way there I stopped to get a coffee at the local WaWa convenience store. As I'm walking up to the place, two of Philly's finest (I'm referring to the two homeless guys, not the plethora of police that were all over the same parking lot) start walking up at the same time.

Good God do they stink. They visibly disturbed a woman who was walking up at the same time as well.

But, at the same time, I'm hit by the pungent aroma of warm human blood. I look at the door handles and see red streaks on them. I put two and two together and decide I will not be touching those. Fortunately, god made stupid people for a reason, and one of them is, apparently, touching probably-Hepatitis-infected human blood-covered things I'm somewhat disinclined too.

I go inside and get my coffee and wait in line to pay for it. As I'm standing there, the clerk, a rather large fellow, is complaining about some guy who came in bleeding everywhere. He had apparently been walking around cleaning stuff. I informed him the guy bled all over the door too, so he went over to clean that as well.

I think in the future I'll get a coffee near my house instead of by the brewing store.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Avie: A Profile in Terminal Stupidity

So, I decided to do a few Campaign Ops and Battles before Dynamis tonight. I went as Summoner, because I also wanted to do some fishing later and needed EXP to recap my buffer. I head to Bastok Markets [S]. I get there, see a Campaign Battle in Pashow Marshland [S] just began, and warp there.

I arrive, see only three or four people are participating, and there's a dozen Quadavs beating on the fortifications. I grab the White Mage NM Quadav. It can Benediction as many times as it wants...healing it to full again, making it impossible to kill without a lot of people beating it down. So, I know I can't kill it, but I can keep it attacking Carbuncle instead of the fortifications and that gets me EXP and Allied Notes, so it sounds good to me. The plan is I cast Carbuncle over and over from a distance and the NM attacks it while I run away. Repeat until the Quadav give up and all warp out.

So, I run to the back of the area by the fort and wait for Carbuncle to die. Recast, the NM approaches, and Carby attacks it. And the Red Mage standing next to me who just saw this then casts Protect and Shell on me, which generates hate and the NM starts attacking him. Avie, some moron apparently leveling Black Mage in Campaign, then cures the Red Mage, and gets attacked as well. And a Dragoon also feels the need to attack it, and gets quickly raped as well.

Apparently, Avie's unaware that claimed mobs that are attacking people who aren't tanking usually will turn on whoever helps them. But, this wasn't even the stupid part.

The stupid part, is she bitches at me because they're all dying after fucking up my Carby-kiting. "i thought people in epic were smart" I didn't bother checking her, because I don't really give a damn what LS is stupid enough to tolerate her presence, but it sure would be fun to go watch them wipe to Bubbly Bernie or whatever the hell they do sometime.

Maybe spam Tractor on her when she's kicked out of Dynamis - Jeuno with twenty other dead people sometime? The possibilities are endless.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mini-FFXI update

Well, with my videocard being a piece of shit 4MB PCI one form 1997, I don't have any new pics from stuff that's happened over the past week or so. I did look and find some recent ones I didn't post anything about though, so here goes.

Hooker Boots

I decided to camp Dune Boots after making a post on KI about getting Wulong Shoes +1 which are the Auction House version of the same thing basically. After complaining in Linkshell chat for most of the day, Vermiliono and Kaboose came to help me camp them. I also asked Doggy and he came as well. We camped it for about three hours and it didn't pop. Then Verm and Kab had to go for Limbus, but I wanted to stay a few more minutes and see if it pops. Sure enough, it does right after Verm warped. Doggy got some additional help, and we pulled it
Image Hosted by
Unfortunately, the fight went long and we ended up fighting it at night. At night it only uses 1000 Needles every 100% TP, and at low HP it uses it two times, and then three times. So, we ended up wiping at about 10% HP.

Some additional help arrived, we tried again:
Image Hosted by
And it went much better with some more people and during the day time.

Image Hosted by
(I think my guy looks pretty well dressed to work some corners now.)

Moar Wine

Well, I went to the homebrew shop today, and picked up a kit to make:
Bordailles Rouge
Rich French style red wine blend with a strong, full flavour and a light aroma of blackcurrants. Offers a balance of flavour and aroma from a blend of various California grape varietals and the ever-popular Cabernet Sauvignon base. Ideal with grilled meats.
Sweetness: Dry | Body: Medium | Oak Intensity: None
Which should be interesting. I'll start fermenting it in two days when I do the final steps on the Zinfandel kit that I've got going now. After this, I'll either do a Viognier or a Selection premium kit.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

And people call him 'Benito'?

We look upon authority too often and focus over and over again, for 30 or 40 or 50 years, as if there is something wrong with authority. We see only the oppressive side of authority. Maybe it comes out of our history and our background. What we don't see is that freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they want, be anything they can be. Freedom is about authority. Freedom is about the willingness of every single human being to cede to lawful authority a great deal of discretion about what you do.
~Rudy Guilliani, Mayor of New York City during 9/11

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Fishing with Lu Shang

Well, I finally decided to just buy the damned Fishing Rod of Legend™ yesterday. I've been fishing more, and am now able to reel in anything on the Ferry basically.

I'm using Lu's + Shrimp Lure and catching an assload of Gugru tunas in addition to the Nebimonites and Noble Ladies that I actually want to get. I am going to make the unstackable tuna into Fish Oil Broths. The fish just don't sell fast enough at all, and I have ~20 in my Mog Safe from yesterday. Plus it's something to do while waiting for the ship to leave after docking.

Complaining Works

After catching more than a few tuna and receiving no skill ups, I bitched about it in LS chat, one bites, and give me .1 skill. So, fishing seems the same as crafting in that way. LOL.

"I fart in your general direction!"

Well, there's a saying, "I think somebody up there likes me." I'm not sure whether that or, "I fart in your general direction!" is more appropriate in this circumstance. I think the picture speaks for itself.
Image Hosted by
Circa 1997, the S3 Virge PCI (not PCI-Express) videocard.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Fire, bad!

Well, I woke up this morning to find my computer was turned off. Normally, I leave it on 24/7, so this was a bit unusual.

I push the power button. Nothing happens. Push it again...still nothing. I open the side panel on the case, turn off the power switch on the power supply, and reset the CMOS to see if that gets it running. It didn't, but I found out what the odd smell in the room probably was from as flames started shooting from near the external power connector is on the video card. I quickly turn it off, and yank the card out which looks slightly charred and may have had a capacitor blow up or something.

I looked around for older video cards that I could use to try and replace it and see if the thing still works at all or not. I tried my old ATI one that I replaced because it was dying, and it seems to be dead. I found my Voodoo Banshee AGP card and it's AGP connector is keyed to not fit because it was using the 5V instead of 12V line or something and would catch fire in AGP4X/8X systems. Which isn't really an improvement over the Gefore 6800GT that it would be replacing that already did catch fire. I found an old S3 Trio PCI card, but...just, no. It's PCI and has either 2MB or 4MB of memory on it, so I don't think it can run 1024x768 with 32bit color. It probably can't handle a Youtube video or DivX movie either.

I'll try to get the cheapest AGP video card they have at Best Buy to see if that works or if the whole motherboard is cooked and/or fucked up later today.

What I really need is a job so I can afford to scrap basically the whole thing and build a new PC. All the crap is about three to five years old at this point anyway.

I won't have many FFXI related pictures and blog updates in general in the mean time.

Lu Shang's Fishing Rod

I've been slacking in my moat carp catching, so I've still only got about 800 of the 10,000 carp needed for the nearly-best fishing rod in the game. I'm tempted to buy one off the Auction House as I can afford it, but I'll be broke afterwards, so I'm not sure I want to.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

It's a sad day for Nazis--I mean, police.

Well, it finally happened. As you may know from my previous posts, I'm not a fan of the police. As I wrote back then,
More, the actual reality of the small town goons who follow me in unmarked cars from my house two miles or so and then stop me because as Chief Davis says he "didn't recognize my car." A good reason to pull somebody over. I mean as chief of police, you must know every car in my shitty little small town, right?
And today, I heard the news. Chief Davis is retiring and he's moving to another state.

Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like he has a terminal disease that causes a slow painful death. But going far away and dying there eventually works too in the end. Hell will have to wait for him I guess.

I also wonder who'll they'll get to fill the huge, gaping, feces-lined void that he leaves behind? In addition to harrassing whoever they feel like, the police here will have to start tasering and shooting people for failing to comply with orders they were never given to top off the crap they pull now. (And then give the officiers medals and commendations for it.)

Needs moar wine.

I racked (transferred from one vessel to another) my wine yesterday. Ten more days and I can fine it and bottle it a day or so after. The kit I made was a "value" one. I'm thinking of getting one of the more expensive "premium" ones in a day or two now that I have some room in fermenters.

It'll probably be another red as a guy from the homebrewing store suggested one that he thought turned out really nice.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


I did quite a bit of meriting as Monk during the past few days. First, I capped my EXP and then started on Kick Attacks first.
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I finished those up, and got my first merit in Counter. Typically, people do 5/5 in Kick Attacks and Counter as Kick Attacks actually boosts your DoT and Counter lets you leave Counterstance up 24/7 on mobs that don't have devastating physical attacks.

I'm somewhat disappointed with my Monk in merit parties so far. I don't seem to be doing the huge DoT that other Monks I'd partied with on Ninja were. I don't have a Shura body piece or Dune Boots though, and those are improvements on the Kirin's Osode and Kung Fu Shoes I'm using now. I'm also missing a Black Belt, of course, and I won't be obtaining that any time in the forseeable future.

I suspect that it mostly has to do with the other Monks and Ninjas being particularly well equipped and with their primary DDing merits already done though. Not having to tank 90% of the time, is a nice change from merit parties as Ninja. It's definitely got more "space out and read shit on the Internet" potential than Ninja does.