Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Making Sauces

As an amateur cook of sorts, I like to make a variety of foods. My soft pretzels are quite tasty. But, it's hard to make something that's browned starch and butter covered in salt taste bad. I mean, seriously, how the hell could you do that? Turd dunking sauce?

That's kind of my problem though. I'd like to make some sauces like you get with chinese foods, the oil and vinegar salad dressings (which actually taste good, unlike the harsh vinegary or slimy oil shit I keep making), and the mexican/carribean sort of spicy brown and red sauces. I need to go read the intarwebz I suppose and find out how the hell people make the shit.

I do know a few real chefs though whose brains I could pick, but real chefs tend to be all about the classic french sauces that are glorified pickled egg products. They're cool though, so they'll probably inform my little heretic mind with a few pointers.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dynamis - Bastok!

I went on a Dynamis - Bastok run with Oops tonight. It went fairly well, but was pretty bloody depending on who you were. Several people died 4-7 or so times a piece. I got away with no EXP loss though, luckily. I also got these:Which dropped with ~8 minutes left after we killed the mega boss.

Other than that it was kind of crappy as far as non-coin drops went. Nobody got any pieces they wanted. We did get plenty of Byne Notes though which was nice including a couple 100 pieces.

I tested them out in a merit party afterwards, but had lousy luck with counters. Some days I'll counter most attacks when shadows are down. Some I'll be amazed that I can get hit so many times and not lose hate let alone counter. It was one of the latter.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

KS99 /sigh

Dynamis was cancelled with Oops yesterday, so we went to do some KS99 runs instead. I've had a Themis orb sitting around for months, so I was looking forward to using it finally. And maybe getting a Behemoth Tongue for a Black Belt.

I can always find some use for more gil, but those three Rare/Ex items that can only be obtained from monsters Epic doesn't camp with the reward being a legendary Black Belt are much more appealing. I'm not sure what the droprate is on the BB items, but in ~20 orbs worth I've seen it drop maybe twice.

So, we all gathered and people who didn't use an orb /random to see who goes first. Orb holder trades, we go in, and kill it. Decent drops and a tongue! Next orb, decent drops, another tongue! A third orb, and a third set of drops better than the previous two, and a third tongue! All three to people who have Monk below level 20.

The person who was going fourth sent me a /tell saying I could have the Tongue if it dropped on her orb. A fourth kill, awful drops and no tongue.

At this point, a bunch of people had to leave as it was getting late. Just my orb and another guy's left. I didn't really want to do another having lost a PLD kiter and one or two BLMs. But we did. I random ~300 the other guy rolls ~900. I went from not dying at all to dying 5 or 6 times which ate a lot of EXP using RR1. We lost the orb and then called it a night.

Still 0/3.


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Campaign, Assault, Merits, Solo BCNMs...

Campaign Battles!

I'm not sure where those new Campaign elements are, but I've been doing lots of Campaign as MNK/DNC lately. The decent aspect of the update was that the Allied controlled areas is that they always have supplies to give out Reraise Scrolls which makes /WHM unnecessary. So, I mostly stay in Bastok controlled ones like Grauberg.It turns out that there's a force of Goblins that can attack. The NM was hilariously weak. Suzaku's Sune-ate provided enough fire resistance to negate most of the Bomb Toss spam damage.Kaiser Behemoth showed up. I went and sat in the corner after getting fiery Meteor, near-death rained down on me for ~1,200 damage.Eurytos attacks! I'd kind of like his bow to sell it and buy BB items from the HNMLSes on Hades.

Dance Emotes are Evil

As mentioned in the rather funny Rocl talk on BG, dance /emotes are evil. Proof outside of last Friday's Dynamis - Xarcabard.We did this for about ten minutes. LOL.

Assaults! (& Salvage?)

I did a bunch of runs of that stupid worm-killing Assault of times. I took this exciting pic.Hot Galkan Ass. You know you [probably don't] like it.

Treasures of Aht Urhgan Mission 35 - Legacy of the Lost

I got mostly caught up to mission 35 at one point, before SE made mission deaths not cost you EXP, with a bunch of people who used to be in Epic. Unfortunately, they left/got kicked, and I hate organizing shit, so I've been stuck on ToAU 35 for months. So, I went to Talacca Cove to see about soloing it. A party of four got there before me, I asked, but they said they weren't doing it.I'm not sure what they were doing, but I'm thinking that was one for their 'L' column.

So, I went in to try and solo it as NIN/DNC.It turns out, Gessho has a lot in common with Diabolos.In that he can whip my ass in a pretty rapid manner.


I went to my second Cerberus fight earlier today...to watch. I'm not in a HNMLS that camps it. LOL.

I got there for the last thirty percent or so.ThePrestige LS was fighting it (formerly Legacy LS?) and didn't let any Gates of Hades, which has a hilariously long charge time, go off until 1%. But they managed to kill it.

It nearly killed me too with the combination 790 through Stoneskin damage combined with the extremely high DoT. But I'm too awesome for such things and quickly erased it. :-P

Needs moar merits.

I'd like to grind out the rest of the ones I need soon for my group 1s and group 2s.

I got two more of the Black Mage group 2s done. Freeze II (2/3), Burst II (1/2), Flood II still locked. 12 more to finish it.

Ninja Tool Expertise I'd like to cap out before using Ninja for anything again. It's (1/3), I need 9 more to cap it. 15 would be needed to cap Subtle Blow, but Subtle Blow +5 is so unimportant and unnoticeable unless I started doing NIN/BST for some unknown reason, that I might do it after I have nothing left, but whatever.

Monk is done! Yay Monk! Yay! etc.

Summoner I'd like to cap the Avatar Physical Attack group which would take 14 more.

Using a calculator I found online:At least 100 of those were done via Black Mage soloing. Probably the reason I find manaburns soooo f#$*ing boring now.

So, 35 merits to cap the stuff I'm mostly interested in capping.

I'd also really like to get INT capped too. But it's a f#$*ton of merits to cap that. But there's not much I can do to boost my BLM damage at this point.

Thus ends another post of me rambling about merit points. I also updated my little merit points side bar thing, so go look at that too.


I finally got some, so I'm turning on comment moderation, etc. You can still post without registering, but you need to type in the letters in a box and I have to approve it before it appears on the comments section.

Like most of my email spam, it wasn't even in English, so I'm not sure what the hell it was trying to sell.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Monk Merits Done!

I finished up my last Penance Merit (2/2) today capping out Monk related merits (except STR since I'm doing INT).

It turns out that the Group 2 merit number goes from being (5/6) to a slightly weird looking (6/6). I'll never complain about the pretty blue numbers though. :-)

I'll try to cap out Black Mage Group 2 next. If the Magic Accuracy +5 applies to non-magic burst, that would make them worthwhile, I guess. No one, of course, knows for sure, but I'm not going to merit Quake 2 on general principle.

KRT Parties

I never got to do the old-fashioned King Ranperre's Tomb, but this rather old post by Genome makes it look pretty interesting.

Then again, getting 10-16k EXP/hr is pretty bad for a modern merit party. 15-20k is more like what I'd expect from a decent one nowadays on Greater Colibri (which I hate) or Mamools (which kill me much more frequently than birds, but don't gank my food and I can use sushi in an economical manner on).

I could certainly use the Conquest Points though.

Plus getting Bastokers to do it and take over Ronfaure would be really funny.

Stupid San d'Oria.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ultima Fight

Epic did another Ultima fight tonight in Limbus. We cleared it with more than 15 minutes left, and got two drops for Nashira armor. The Turban which went to Varumar, and the Gages (hands) which went to me!I can get free Fenrir on Darksday now, or 2MP/tick Fenrir all the time if I proc my [seldom used] Conjurer's Ring!

My math may be off, but they sure are pretty! :-)

Dynamis - Xarcabard & Amanomurakumo

I played FFXI quite a bit in the past two days. Doing a bit of the same old merit partying and then a LOT of campaign battles. For whatever reason, they are lasting a ridiculous amount of time now. One in Rolanberry Fields [S] went on for over two hours. I went as Monk/Ninja using 30-Allied Note Scrolls of Instant Reraise. The regular mobs were pretty easy to tank (and I ended up tanking virtually every mob I fought even if there was someone else there attempting to hold hate).

Of course, I didn't mess with most of the NMs, but people seemed to have no trouble dying to even the easiest (WHM NM) of them.I only need about 13k EXP now until I've completely capped out Monk merits with one last one going into Penance. (What I've merited is listed on the sidebar further down the page.)

Dynamis - Xarcabard Time!

A little after 8PM, I switched over to Oops LS and found that we were going to do Xarcabard because the LS that had been in there left (on time, for once). I did the usual Black Mage thing and nuked grey Ahriman for about two hours. Then, we cleared all the towers and the Animated Weapons spawned. I switched to Monk, came back, and found everyone waiting by the Animated Tachi.Not the best picture, but you can sort of see it over the sparkle in the top left part of the picture. It was pulled, and as it turns out Tachi: Kaiten can do 1,963 damage on a Berserked Monk.So, I only got to hit it about 10 times before it hit me back. It seems that getting Relic Weapon Fragments requires the blood sacrifice of a Monk as the same thing happened to Izar at the beginning of the fight we got Amey's shield fragment.

Post-kill people did the usual poke my corpse until somebody gave me an R3.

Later at Horlais Peak...

I went up to Horlais Peak to see Brim get his sword finally, and...That's relic number 2 for Oops now!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Update!

Mostly pictures this time around...Dynamis - San d'Oria about a week ago. I snuck in as Monk and nobody noticed. I've been Monk75/Thief18 (lolgimpsub) during the day a lot as I'm farming tons of crap to skill Leathercraft to 60 on my main character at the moment, so I just changed SJ and went in.

I obviously screenshot everything...meritpo at Mamool Ja Staging point. Two of the party members weren't 75 yet, so I guess it was only partial meritpo? Monk is definitely less a pain to merit on than Ninja because I don't have to Provoke everything.

I broke out my Puppetmaster for some EXPing. We went to Middle Delkfutt's Tower for some reason. EXP was pretty decent on the 7th floor.

Like I mentioned above, I've been farming hides/skins for Leathercraft. Sure enough, Padfoot popped right in front of me. I got a sheepskin and lanolin cube for my troubles. :-( I told a few people in LS the ToD, and the guy who went to camp it the next day got an Astral Earring. I also ran into this while in the otherside farming bugard skins.

I moved on to making Ram leather, and saw this on Widescan.Unfortunately, somebody claimed it before I got to it. I probably could have held it until help arrived, it had horrible accuracy on a 75 THF who wasn't wearing any Evasion gear.

I've seen morbols in this spot of the Boyahda Tree a bunch of times, and other times they aren't there. Nobody kills the things...what gives? lol

ENM Brothers duoI duoed this with Izar earlier. I had gotten the key item on a whim a month or two back, but never got around to actually trying to solo it. We killed the two of them without much trouble, and got a Hedgehog Bomb and Dragon Bone for our efforts. Split that's about 300k a piece.

That will mostly pay for the Penance Hat I saw on the AH and bought on a whim earlier in the day.I just saw it and figured I'd bid 400k on it and see what happens. Sure enough, I get a shiny new hat that looks like I stole it from some homeless guy.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mo' Merits, Mo' Problems

I've done lots of merit partying again in the past week or so. As Monk at Mamool Ja staging point. Despite how potentially dangerous most of the TP moves are I used Counterstance nearly 100% of the time, and only got dropped once because of it.

Taking a ~700 damage Rushing Drab to the face, followed by a hit for ~190, followed by a Firespit (if anyone knows how the hell that TP move actually works, leave a comment explaining it, please) for ~550 will tend to do that though.

I got my second Invigorate merit for Monk today. My Chakra JA will heal about 500HP now with Artifact Body and Relic Hands. I'll need five more points for the final one, and seven points to cap out Penance which I'm going to get 2/3 in with my last group 2 merit already in (the very handy) Formless Strikes. So that's 12 merit points to completely cap out merits for Monk. Which would be my first job that I capped out completely.

I am kind of lacking motivation to do much meriting though at the moment. There's quite a few more required, and they mostly don't make that much difference really. I may just grind out most of the rest that I need or finally start leveling whichever job is winning in my poll on the sidebar there.

Epic LS people are starting Salvage up though, so Penance merits would be good to have. But, I have no Assault static and don't even have the 1,500 AP required to get in, so that would be part of my lacking motivation to actually get them. As an almost fully merited and decently geared Monk, I'd probably get to tank in there a lot too.

Gear Upgrading?

I've been thinking about seeing what pieces of gear I can improve on my four 75 jobs lately (BLM, SMN, NIN, MNK) with things off the Auction House.

Black Mage is mostly set. An Enfeebling Torque (which I don't have macro space left for), Genie Lappas (high priced and high difficulty in even finding one), and Novio Earring (not AHable, but can be Bazaared...I'll wait until Epic does JoL and get one for free because they are ridiculously expensive) are the only buyable things I can get. Assault and Salvage gear would be nice too, but I don't do either.

Summoner has a few things that I can get like a Hedgehog Bomb. I could buy Ancient Beastcoins to get a Loquacious Earring. But that's about a million gil for MP+35 & Enmity-1 over what I have now, and I rarely do things where Summoner is my most useful job.

Ninja could use a Speed Belt. I'll get right on that. And Accuracy +7 rings. Not much else though really.

Monk could use a Shura Body which is sort of buyable (at least the Cursed Togi part). Accuracy +7 rings would also be nice for my Monk. I'll try to get a Toreador's or two from the ENM50 Pulling the Strings (I'm 0/1 on winning it solo).

Plenty to keep me busy for a while.

UPDATE: 3/3 Invigorate merits! I just need 7 more points to cap Monk out completely! Then I'll finish AM2 on BLM probably. F#%& Summoner and Ninja merits. >.>

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Losing Wars is Always Bad (Or: Why Fred Kagan is Full of S^#*)

Sometimes you see an article referred to by someone as great and making a rock solid case for something that is horribly misguided and/or evil, and can't help but think, "What in the f$#*ing hell is wrong with this f$#*ing person who wrote this vile nonsense?"

This is the case whenever someone mentions anything written by Fred Kagan. F. Kagan (get it?) is a Jabba the Hut looking, chickenhawk, a warmongering, slovenly douchebag. He's like William Kristol if William Kristol devoured another former communist warmonger who is wrong about everything at all times.

I became aware of this six page work of sophistry by F. Kagan on Scott Horton's blog. A regular there asked for someone to take F. Kagan apart, so I happily obliged. Here's most of that piece (with some editing/proofreading) with the beginning addition of a quote that describes F. Kagan:
In great empires the people who live in the capital, and in the provinces remote from the scene of action, feel, many of them, scarce any inconveniency from the war; but enjoy, at their ease, the amusement of reading in the newspapers the exploits of their own fleets and armies. To them this amusement compensates the small difference between the taxes which they pay on account of the war, and those which they had been accustomed to pay in time of peace. They are commonly dissatisfied with the return of peace, which puts an end to their amusement, and to a thousand visionary hopes of conquest and national glory from a longer continuance of the war.

Adam Smith, Wealth of Nations, Book 5, Chapter 3: Of Public Debts
Fred Kagan is at it again. He's written another six page article for National Socialist Review Online, so he's got another six pages of stupidity and bullshit. He starts with this beauty:
Losing wars is always bad. One of the major reasons for America’s current global predominance economically and politically is that America doesn’t lose wars very often. It seems likely, however, that the American people are about to be told that they have to decide to lose the Iraq war, that accepting defeat is better than trying to win, and that the consequences of defeat will be less than the costs of continuing to fight.
I have to wonder if losing wars is always bad, how was the War on Iraqis good for Iraqis? I'll have to read more to [probably not] find out!

I was pleased to find that F. Kagan immediately found use for Neville Chamberlain, famed gimp and whipping boy of the Neoconservatives.

Neville Chamberlain as seen appeasing Hitler in the 1930s, photograph by Q. Tarantino
Our Brave Modern-Day Winston Churchill, then goes into detailing what the "antiwar party" is wrong about in it's common "talking points" (who knew that antiwar people were so influential and organized?) He starts with "THE WAR COSTS TOO MUCH" He writes,
Modern economics has long understood that the notion of a one-for-one guns-versus-butter trade-off is simply wrong. A high proportion of money spent on defense goes back into the U.S. economy in the form of salaries paid to the more than 5 million Americans employed directly or indirectly by the Defense Department, and payments to the defense industry and the long and complex supply chains from which they draw their raw materials. Military spending has traditionally been a form of economic stimulus, and wars more commonly end recessions or depressions than start them. That’s not a good reason to start a war, but neither is it a good reason to lose one.
And then follows to say that it's a smaller percentage of GDP than some past wars. As though the percentage of GDP on defense spending actually fucking means something.

But back to that first part, Brave Dr. Kagan-Churchilll might want to read some slightly older economic analysis like "The parable of the broken window". The costs, that Dr. Kagan-Churchill Phd. from Harvard University in Economics apparently knows nothing of, are that those natural resources and finished goods consumed by the government, and the hundreds of millions of hours of labor put towards the war effort could have instead been put to other productive uses. Like people providing for themselves and their families.

People would have spent the money the Federal Gov't taxed from them and used to destroy Iraqi lives on something else had the government not taken it from them. People could have borrowed and invested in new businesses that create jobs. Or invested it into R&D producing goods and services that save and enrich people's lives. But the Federal Gov't used that money to destroy Iraqi cities and lives instead.

And finally, the US Gov't was run by people who thought the Iraqi Destruction sooooooo worthwhile, that they didn't even pay for most of it either of those ways. They created billions of dollars out of thin air via the Federal Reserve Sysytem silently sucking wealth out of American's (and other people holding dollars) pockets via the hidden tax of inflation. Mostly hurting the poor, working class, and people on fixed incomes, by the way.

Dr. Kagan-Churchill is correct in noting that the military-industrial complex benefitted though. They always do.

The bulbous f$#* continues,
The war has caused the upcoming recession.

Using mercantilist arguments common in the 18th century but subsequently shown to be wrong, war opponents have successfully spread the notion that military spending is causing the economy to slow and contract — they have been successful enough that a large majority of Americans believe this falsehood to be true.
If Dr. Kagan-Churchill actually read some debunking of merchantilist arguments by, say, Adam Smith, then he might be aware that it's not necessary for a nation to control a natural resource to obtain it on the open market. (Oil is a natural resource.)

He goes on to drone about Federal spending in relation to GDP as though that meant something significant, when, in fact, it means nothing. The USG has a much larger welfare state today than it did in 1933 when Neville Chamberlain didn't stop Hitler something, something, etc. There's also not a Cold War arms race going on today either, which might mean the defense budget is a different percentage of GDP. What with defense spending and non-defense spending being completely different from what they were in the 1950s and all. Call it a hunch.

Dr. Kagan who has a Phd. Economics continues,
High gas prices are the result of the war — and ending the war would lower gas prices.

There is a huge failure of logic here. Oil prices do not rise because American forces are in the Middle East — they rise because of instability and fighting in the Middle East. One of the most dramatic increases in oil prices in history occurred during the Iran-Iraq War in the 1980s, when no American forces were present. The antiwar party argues that American failure in Iraq is inevitable and the violence will inevitably increase whatever we do.
Gas prices haven't gone up at all. I'm not sure what Dr. Kagan, Phd. in Economics from Stanford University, is talking about here. I buy my gasoline in the reliable Polish currency with an unspellable name, and the price I pay has declined several percent since George Bush picked up the pace of his Iraqi Genocide. Or I buy my gas with gold. The price has changed much with that either.

What Dr. Kagan apparently doesn't know, is that when the USG creates an assload of dollars out of thin air to pay for its imperial misadventures, the value per unit of that money freefalls. So, in that respect, Dr. Kagan is partially, though unintentionally correct: The price of oil can increase without a warmonger in Washington causing it to (although perhaps Dr. Kagan is unaware: The USG provided aid to both sides in the Iraq-Iran War including chemical weapons to Sadam Hussein. Maybe it's ok when he used those as long as it's not on his own people? But I digress.), but destroying the value of the US Dollar to pay for a war, does in fact cause the price of everything to go up sooner or later including petroleum.

The end of that paragraph F. Kagan writes this little gem,
If violence in Iraq is destined to increase, then the oil premium is destined to remain at least this high if not higher. In the real world, American forces are playing a key role in keeping the violence in Iraq down and preventing it from engulfing the region — if they are withdrawn prematurely, violence will spike and so will the price of oil.
Seeing as there is very little oil coming out of Iraq right now anyway, I'm not sure how huge a price spike would be if the volume were less than it already is. I suspect not very much.

Also, as Scott Horton pointed out F. Kagan talking about "withdrawing prematurely"? As noted in that Adam Smith quote earlier, F. Kagan likes to experience war vicariously through the reports of the US military because he himself is too much of a fat bloated coward to have ever been a participant in war. Is this just another case of him projecting? I report, you decide.

As I continue on to page 3 of this painful Kagan krap, I note that my right arm feels strangely numb, and I have begun to bleed from my left ear.

F. Kagan, economic genius, continues,
America just can’t afford this war any more, whatever the outcome.

This talking point is nothing more than a disingenuous attempt to make recent successes and the probability of future successes irrelevant. If the U.S. and its Iraqi allies can build on recent progress and move toward a situation in which Iraqi is stable, peaceful, and a U.S. ally — thereby avoiding the collapse of Iraq, the explosion of violence, and the likely increased intervention of Iraq’s neighbors that serious historical studies as well as facts on the ground show are very likely — then the U.S. can afford the price as put in its proper context above. If success is not possible, then we must discuss the best course of action to extricate ourselves.
He links in that pile of nonsense to two articles on how Iraq (which is going great, of course) could spill-over and become a regional civil war unless Wise Americans In Washington prevent it, and how Iran is interfering in their neighboring Iraq and providing training and support to Shia and Sunni groups.

The first claim is just pathetic. Kagan et al convince our idiot Decider to go destroy Iraq, so now those of us who had nothing to do with that horror have to be the ones to continue to pay and try to fix it.

The second accusation is pretty funny. Of course Iran is supporting the Iranian created Supreme Islamic Council in Iraq the ruling coalition of Shia parties founded in Iran by the Ayatollahs in the 70s or 80s, and the Dawa Party (aka Islamic Call) and the Hakim faction. Those are the new US-back Iraqi Government.

Also, why wouldn't the Iranian Government want the US to remain bogged down in Iraq with Cheney having more or less said Iran and Syria are getting destroyed next?

In any case, most of our elected officials are too stupid to actually go and learn anything about the disaster they've helped create in Iraq, and most Americans are kept in the dark by the garbage-quality reporting of corporate media.

So, there's little more to be said about this, really.

I wanted to continue on to cover the rest of page 3 and all the way to the idiotic conclusion on page 6, but I'm bleeding now from my right ear as well as my left and I feel difficulty breathing with a seizing pain in my chest.

Anymore F. Kagan may prove fatal.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Obama: Crazed Warmonger Too

I've heard from quite a few people that they like Obama because he'll stop some of our foreign policy insanity. While I'd like to believe that there's someone running for the job of POTUS who can win and isn't evil, that looks increasingly unlikely.

Obama said,
"The truth is that my foreign policy is actually a return to the traditional bipartisan realistic policy of George Bush's father, of John F. Kennedy, of, in some ways, Ronald Reagan...."
I know not all five of my readers are Americans, but for the benefit of those who are and have goldfish memories when it comes to foreign policy, take a look at what Chris Floyd has to say about this.

If you look at what JFK, George the 1st, and Saint Ronald Reagan actually did with regard to foreign policy, like Floyd does, you shouldn't be bragging about planning to follow that tradition unless you're Evil. Chris Floyd, along with various other people, have mentioned that Evil is less bad than Crazy & Evil. It's still downright shitty though.

Anyway, read the article by Chris Floyd and be reminded just how bad things were before George the 2nd made them worse.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bring Back Tarring & Feathering


Look at this.

Then look at this.

Maybe tatoo "F*#$ Up" on his forehead or something if nobody can find some pitch and a few down pillows. What in the hell is wrong with people?

Insert Random FFXI Post Here

Gone Fishin'

I've been skilling up Fishing again, getting from 38.something to 42.5. I really need to take the Nashmau-Al Zahbi Ferry with some equipment on me. I get one of these everytime I decide to pull up a monster (or wasn't paying attention).I was sneak-fishing in that picture. It was my second attempt to take the Ferry to Nashmau to get some Rice Vinegar and Ground Wasabi for making Sushi. The previous one I had to Manafont+Warp because Sneak wore off as I pulled up an Orobon.

As it turns out, Orobon have naturally reduced movement speed, so I could probably solo it as Black Mage. I didn't try to Sleep it, because I also had one of the ToAU blue Sea Monk-type monsters chasing me. I kind of doubt that it is sleepable though.

LT MPKs us all at Sky! ;_;

I went up for some early Ro'Maeve Water farming yesterday. We finally got one, and LT popped it without warning. We killed Olla Pequena and Media, but it was obvious with Grande at ~90% HP that we weren't going to be able to take it. I did the only thing a brave Monk/Ninja could do...run away! We had a RDM/WHM, NIN/DRK, THF/NIN, WAR/NIN, and MNK/NIN (me) there. The RDM reraised, but died again immediately, so we had no healer or person who could raise the dead people (everyone except me) and a few minutes later the THF because he apparently had Reraise on. I kited Olla Grande around for about twenty minutes until a Corsair/White Mage arrived and raised our RDM and the RDM raised everyone else. In the final epic battle, we killed it.But it killed me as well with the unavoidable damage moves, so I give LT credit for killing everyone who was there when we popped it at least once. Several people three times.

I think as punishment we had him tank Seiryu later in the day and he got killed repeatedly, so we'll call it even. :-)

For some reason I took this picture of myself /healing at the Mother Globe spawn (which we didn't do yesterday).I have no idea why I saved it, but I thought I'd share it so everyone knows that I /heal as Monk too.

Monk Tanking

I've gotten to tank a little bit doing Sky farming as Monk (mostly farming Ro'Maeve Water and Steam Cleaner) just from hitting hard and often not using /WAR. I initially really didn't like trying to tank as MNK/NIN compared to NIN main, but Counterstance with Counter merits makes up for the lower evasion and one less shadow pretty well on VT or lower stuff even with minimal support.

Plus it's kind of fun to steal hate from NIN/WARs without using an JAs that generate significant enmity. Hehe.

Campaign Battles

For all the wannabe hype SE put out about Campaign Battle changes/additions/"adjustments", I can't say I've seen much in the way of actual new shit.Although Shadowhand and his Cuissomethinger buddies now seem to attack in Pashow Marshlands [S] while I don't recall him ever doing so before.

That may be because of Beastmen controlling an adjacent area while every region was always (except Windurst ones, because people from Windy suck) Ally controlled before, I don't really know.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Limbus Sucks: Month 9

Another Limbus run (Temenos Central - 1st Floor) another no Diabolic Yarn. It of course doesn't drop there, it's from Apollyon, so I didn't expect one. I got my Diabolic Silk in July last year, so that makes this Month 9 if my math doesn't suck.

I'm not sure when they lowered the price of Limbus to 30k from 50k, but by my estimates that would mean I've wasted a max of 1,080,000 gil. Probably more like 840,000 gil as I have missed some runs.

Tonight's run didn't take long, only about 20 minutes. I went BLM, so I got to mostly stand around and craft Squid Sushi (+1) as half the shit there is resistant to magic (Evil Weapons, Ahriman), or mostly immune (Ahriman, Magic Pots). Coin split came to 2 each, so I lost about 10,000 gil assuming I bazaar overnight and someone buys my coins. That's assuming that they still sell for 10k a piece which I'm not sure about.


Dynamis - Jeuno

So, we get to the Mega Boss pull. THF runs in and Perfect Dodges + Flees, PLD and NIN stand right in the middle of the three dozen mobs and Flash + Provoke the Mega Boss. I'm standing so far back I can just barely see, but can't target it. I cast Burn on it as it comes by. We kill it. Then two dozen mobs and statues come and kill everyone. By the Auction House. And it's all my fault.

Clearly, they came looking for me, not the people who stood in the midst of them for 15 seconds using spells and Job Abilities. Makes perfect sense.