Thursday, November 27, 2008

Einherjar Items

I've accumulated over 15,000 ampoules of Therion Ichor now. Which means I can go to Nashmau and pick up an item there of my choosing.

Well, three if I wanted useless crafting materials that won't sell and I don't have an Abj. to get crafted into something useful. Or about 1/6th of an Eyepatch for a Mythic Weapon I would never be able to afford to upgrade.

Of the things I have any interest in are the INT+5 cape and MND+5 Converts 40HP to MP neck piece. The first because it's a tiny bit more damage than my INT+4 Prism Cape. The second because I can use it to proc my Sorcerer's Ring and carry around two less pieces of gear. For unknown reasons I see a lot of BLMs using an Omega Ring. INT+3 and Macc+3 just isn't appealing to me though.

Ritter Gorget is a great NIN/DRK tanking neck piece. But I have yet to actually tank anything as NIN/DRK. So that's out.

I could replace my Jaeger Ring (Acc+4) with an Iota Ring (DEX+3 VIT+3 AGI+3 Acc+3) for MNK, NIN, and PUP. It's slightly more Acc overall and VIT/AGI+3 isn't awesome or something, but it would provide small boosts to Chakra and overall evasion. But I would like to get Sniper's +1's or two Toreador's Rings eventually and wouldn't wear it over them on things that matter.

Which brings me to the last thing that catches my eye: the Animator +1. Like all the Animators, it does't really tell you much in the description, but has this hidden effect:
DEX +4
Automaton HP 40-60
Automaton MP 0-60
Which is pretty nice as many Automaton abilities are HP/MP% activated. They also die less with higher HP. Which is also pretty nice.

Considering my options, I'm tempted to go and just get an Animator +1 as I hit 71 Puppetmaster earlier today and INT+1 as BLM or SCH just is...meh, really.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

No wonder certain people have so much Salvage gear...

They've been duping drops for months now.

Of course if you're like me you stopped reading that BG thread of an "Oh noes!!!!" post followed by a "What was it?!?" post over and over and over. By page 7 or so skimming it, I gave up and skipped ahead a bunch of pages. Saw more of the same. And skipped to the end to see Rocl locked it. (Kind of an odd thing about BG is that when the uber 1337 are caught cheating their asses off no one must speak of it.)

I'm not sure if there were Nazi comparisons or not, but can't be bothered to read even half the thing. This less 1337 Alla thread actually has an answer on the first page. Per Seedling:
Reading between the lines on BG, I understood that you make 3 parties, ensure each gets their swings in on the mob, and when it goes down, each of the 3 PTs gets the same loot. Don't pin me down on the details, it's just guesswork.

I suspect SE is going to apply some banstick/reroll love here, since it's a very obvious exploit. Those that used it might defend their actions, but it's a clear case of using a bug in the code to gain unfair advantage over others. Even now people are hiding the method, in case SE got the wrong bug.

Also, I'm annoyed that I spend all this time doing salvage not knowing about it.
SE had to know about the problem to emergency patch it, obviously. I wonder how long they've known and if they were watching who was exploiting it? Salvage is quite popular, but only a handful of LSes on each server even touch Sandworm. Did SE watch for a week or so and take down some names? I don't know, but SE may have a surprise for some people around Christmas next month.

But enough about Salvage/Sandworm exploits.

More importantly:I hit 70 PUP finally!

Also:I now have ~6 more Mog Safe spaces and Moghancement: Experience to save me a little EXP from all my dying fun.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Sexy PUP!

I followed up on some of my thoughts on upgrading and my PUP is now level 69 and less gimp!Cobra Unit Mittens, Subligar (doesn't look too ghey), and Leggings (worn on the feet)! 210,000 Allied Notes in exchange for Acc+10 and Store TP+10 over what I previously was wearing.

I say "less gimp" because I don't have TM Hooks +2 and just bought some Waghs that I'll switch to at 72 once I can finally use them. And one more level until I can use my Pantin Cape.

I'm actually half-tempted to drop my Tamas Ring and get a Rajas instead. The Store TP+10 is pretty sweet. Besides I seem to wind up at 99% TP frequently on Monk and that wouldn't happen with a Rajas.

But who am I kidding, I <3 my Tamas Ring waaaaaay too much to drop it. All the memories of the friends I made my run through CoP with. :-D

Nyzul 60% Done! 90.6% PUP Done!

After a bit of a delay we went up to floor 60 in Nyzul Isle today. We got a Hydra and only had 5 minutes to kill it. Which was waaaaaaay more than enough.Staff went to Keffka.

Our ordered Lamps are going much better now. We got through both floors with them with no major problems this time. Our ??? items all appraised as junk including our third ??? Necklace from Argus.

Floor 60 means "only" 1,760 WS points to unlock Ascetic's Fury. But I don't have anyone on that's chomping at the bit to gruind out a few hundred level 5 SCs, so I'll wait a while longer. I've probably got ~400 WS points done already though, so I could ding into it when we clear some more floors.

PUPdate Miniature Edition

I haven't had a party in two levels and a few days seeking. But I managed to hit 68 from punching walls and to an increasing degree actual campaign mobs. Which is 90.6% of the way to 75 by levels. It's probably more like 75% of the way to 75 by EXP. But I'm too lazy to check. So whatever.

I have a Whisper of Frost sitting around that I could use to replace my TM Hooks with or just wait for the 70s and get either Hades Sainti or Wagh Baghnakhs. I'm leaning towards the latter because the 14 Attack makes them better for DDing despite PUP's low H2H skill level and the Sainti having 7 Accuracy on them (compared to 5 on the Wagh Baghnakhs).

I also need to go to Windy [S] and get some of the Cobra Unit set. Accuracy and Store TP on it make it better than any of the other magey crap available until the 70s. Once I get into the 70s, I'd really like to get a Haste build going. My PUP only has slightly lower Accuracy than my NIN and people generally like speed builds for Ninja.

The setup I'd like to get looks something like this:

W. Turban (5%)
Goliard Body (4%)
Pantin Gloves (3%)
Usukane/Enkindu Feet (2%)
Usukane/Barbarossa Legs (3%)

Which would put me at 17% Haste. Which is not too shabby. Of course, I only have the W. turbah, so it's something of a work in progress. I'd probably also go with the Pantin Tobe over the Goliard body when using the Sharpshot frame if I merit as PUP as it is Acc+10 for Master and Automaton.

I could also level Dragoon to 37 and get a Haste+5% Earring. /DRG is an interesting sub for Monk as well anyway. That would put me at 22% Haste.

I'll figure it out.

Back to punching some walls in Crawler's Nest [S].

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh Shi--Scholar Group 2 Merits!!!!

It looks like I'll have plenty of stuff to merit soon. Puppetmaster is 67 (and has awesome group 1 & 2 merits) and SE announced they're adding Scholar (and Dancer, but who cares?) group 2's!
Scholars and Dancers Rejoice!

The next version update will also see the introduction of Group 2 merit point abilities for the scholar and dancer jobs. While Fan Festival 2008 in Japan will proudly play host to the unveiling of the scholar’s new enhanced abilities, a tight lid will be kept on the dancer’s secrets until the American Fan Festival, slated for early December.

Light Arts Stratagem (requires two charges).
Increases the accuracy of your next white magic spell.

Dark Arts Stratagem (requires two charges).
Increases the accuracy of your next black magic spell.

Light Arts Stratagem (requires two charges).
Your next white magic spell will generate less enmity.

Dark Arts Stratagem (requires two charges).
Your next black magic spell will generate less enmity.

Optimizes both white and black magic capabilities and allows access to both addenda for your next spell. Recast: 10min.

Storm-type spells grant a bonus to attributes associated with their element.
Initial bonus value: +3.

The scholar and dancer relic attire sets will also make their way to Vana’diel this winter! Naturally, players will have to venture into the Dynamis areas should they hope to acquire them. Happy hunting!
I'm overjoyed to see that SE isn't going to take two years to release Scholar relic. I'm also VERY eager to know if Scholar is going to get a Refresh piece in the set. A not-body/head piece would be ideal as that would allow you to still use either a Vermillion/Ixion cloak for Refresh or the Scholar's Mortarboard for 3/MP tick Sublimation. But a body piece wouldn't be bad either. It is free, afterall.

ZOMG!!! Good Group 2 Merits?!?

For merits, SE will presumably let you put 5/5 into one if you so desire. I don't know which I'll do yet as they don't really tell much about what each one actually does or what 5/5 into one will do. But I believe some speculation on ideal 5/5ery is in order.

The Magic accuracy+ ones will likely add more macc+ with each additional merit and at #4 or #5 possibly go down to 1 Stratagem charge in cost. Outside of lolDivine Magic and the white magic enfeebles (Paralyze, Slow, Silence) white magic is great from /WHM and /RDM precisely because it doesn't need to be accurate as buffs/cures aren't resisted. Which makes Altruism look to be lolAltruism already.

Focalization looks like it could be pretty awesome. Scholar's main shortcoming from a replacing BLMs perspective is problems landing spells on big things. (There's also the no Stun and -ga3 spells, but those are less important generally.) How much will 5/5 Focalization improve magic accuracy though is what I'm wondering. Macc+25 at 1 Stratagem charge cost would be worthwhile and make it a decent candidate for 5/5ery.

Enmity reduction Stratagem abilities look less useful. Kaeko has made it apparent how useful an Enmity- gearset is with Light Arts. Unfortunately, what he shows that an Enmity- build is useful for is a) Cure IV spam b) AoE buffs. For the former if each Tranquility merit was Enmity-10 to the -50 cap it would be handy for Cure IV sometimes. But using 3 of 4 charges to AoE Stoneskin or Phalanx makes it pretty pointless. But really due to the other options available anything short of halving your Cure IV enmity with 1/5 merit at a cost of 2 charges it's not worth getting.

Equanimity looks even less useful than it's white magic counterpart. I can't think of any situations where I say "Boy, I sure wish I could nuke more without pulling hate" as Scholar. Tanks are either decent enough nowadays that you can nuke at a decent pace or there is no tank and you can go all out in a solo/manaburn situation. This is like the Muted Soul of SCH merits.

Enlightenment actually looks quite cool. It's in effect a mini-2hr that lets you save your Light Arts/Dark Arts change recast as well as 2 Addendum Stratagem charges to use a spell that's in either addendum with full B+ skill. From the description it doesn't sound like 5/5 will increase it's effect in any way (like Formless Strikes), but rather just reduce the recast on it (like Feint). Following the existing pattern among Group 2 merits that means it will be able to go from 10 minutes down to 2 minutes.

The ability to stay in Addendum: Black and get around the penalties to white magic and use an Addedum: White spell every 2 minutes makes this one of the top candidates for 5/5ery. If you are filling a Curing/buffing role you can pop it and throw out a Blizzard IV to finish some mob off. Or, perhaps more usefully, you can Sleep 2 an add without having to change to Dark Arts, use Addendum Black (assuming you have a charge ready), and then cast Sleep 2. If you are in a super MP efficient BLM type role, then the ability to toss a Cure 3/4 for less MP or put Reraise 2 back up quickly would be rather handy too.

Stormsurge looks fairly interesting. STAT+3 for the first merit and presumably +3 for each additional merit to a total of +15. The obvious bonus to the Scholar would be to use Hailstorm for INT+15. With an INT+20 advantage Blizzard IV might out-nuke Thunder IV. Running around more quickly with Desert Boots + Sandstorm would also provide a nice VIT+15. For other people they could get +15 to the stat of their choosing as well. Samurais could get STR+15 for their WS, other melees might like DEX+15 for an Acc boost and possibly get bumped up a crit tier. RDMs might like MND+15 for debuffs. Other BLMs might like the INT+15 boost as well. Being able to have an INT+15 boost fulltime makes this another candidate for 5/5ery.

The Dilemma

With three potentially useful group 2 merits, it won't be possible to be 5/5 in all three of them. Focalization, Enlightenment, and Stormsurge all bring new things to the job. I think those three will be the only ones touched at all pretty much just as Ice/Thunder Potency are the only Group 1's that BLMs do.

For the "pure damage I camp Fafnir everyday" people I predict:
5/5 Focalization
5/5 Stormsurge

If you are all about HNMs and maximum damage this looks to be the way to go. I'd be tempted to do this as well, but the next option also appeals to me.

For the "pure damage I camp Fafnir everyday" people who went 5/5 Burst 2, 4/5 Freeze 2, 1/5 either Flood or Tornado 2 if they have BLM leveled I predict:
5/5 Focalization
4/5 Stormsurge
1/5 Enlightenment

With this merit configuration you have a less potent Stormsurge, but get the very useful Enlightenment. Unfortunately, you can only use it once every 10 minutes, so it's like Elemental Seal. Useful, but don't count on it very often. Only going 4/5 into Focalization (depending on how much accuracy it adds and what the fifth upgrade does) and capping Stormsurge might be pretty good too.

As far as actually adding versatility to Scholar (without adding Magic accuracy for HNMs):
5/5 Stormsurge
5/5 Enlightenment

This setup lets you give people weather for new reasons (stats) and cast the other Arts' spells with full skill bonuses very frequently. Maybe only put 4 into Stormsurge for Focalization if you nuke resistant mobs sometimes.

The last setup I think we'll see is going 1 into each group and randomly putting 4 into one category. Probably Stormsurge. Which I regard as stupid like opening every AM2 or eating paintchips.

Epic Conclusion

Unlike the Group 1's which were basically garbage, these Group 2's actually look interesting and potentially useful.

Two things I haven't mentioned are that if 5/5 Focalization is only 1 charge and provides a sizeable boost in magic accuracy it potentially opens up soloing with Bind things that only RDMs had the magic accuracy to pull off before. Also if Hailstorm provides INT+15 (with 5/5 Stormsurge) tat means Cryohelix won't suck as much.

That's it for now, feel free to add thoughts on SCH merits/relic, or whatever else, in comments.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nyzul Isle Run!

One of our members went AWOL on us, so we got a temp to fill in and try and get Keff caught up to floor 50. Stupid lamps cost us a win though, so we ended up only winning 2/3 and getting him to 45.

We got yet another Fafnir on 40 (only one of each of the other two). Stingy jerk didn't drop any armor, but did drop this:Tifaburgers is a WAR75, so it'll get put to good use.

Hopefully, we get to floor 60 on Sunday. Seeing some ToAU HNMs will be pretty cool. Killing them and taking their loot will be even better.

Nyzul NMs

I'm a little puzzled about the Nyzul Isle NMs lately. I know that they have a small chance of the ??? item from their chest to appraise to what they actually drop. Except the bosses, of course. But, they seem a LOT less common on floor 40+ than previous floors. Which is a little disappointing as we ran into Argus twice (0/2). We got a bunch of "kill everything" floors and all we got were regular mobs and a rampart.


Nyzul WS

As we creep ever closer to floor 100 I've been looking at the WSes for the jobs I've got at (or near) 75.

Summoner gets a light elemental based WS that appears to actually do decent damage that's enhanced by Apollo's Staff. And it has an added effect Defense Down to boot. So, with Carby out for free my SMN would get a WS that does decent damage and reduce the mob's def for quicker kills. Unfortunately, it's for lolSMN.

Blade: Kamu looks like it would be pretty awesome to have for my NIN which I mainly use for tanking things with only a few people. It does crap damage (it's one hit, no fTP damage multiplier, and doesn't crit), but it has an added effect that reduces a mob's accuracy that stacks with Kurayami. It's also the only way NIN can make Light SCs.

Tifaburgers also wants a Sasuke Katana though, and she seems to love NIN a lot more than I do. I also would rather get other stuff more, so I'll pass the first one that drops probably. I don't want to grind WS points for it until we get closer to 100 anyway.

I wouldn't purposely melee anything as Black Mage and the new WS looks pretty blah. About the only cool thing about it is that Vidohunir -> Retribution makes solo Darkness. It's also dark elemental damage and can open an close Light which is something BLM can't do without it (maybe lolClaustrum?).

I wouldn't do WS points for it unless we're at floor 100 already. And I wouldn't lot a Mage's Staff to get it unless nobody else wants it.

Monk gets a pretty decent looking WS. By that, I mean it looks cool and it seems like it can be pretty decent. It's a two-punch WS like Howling Fist with better mods, lower fTP mutliplier, and the ability to crit without lolTHFsub. KI's MNK forum makes it sound like a good replacement for situations where I'd use Howling Fist. Asuran works better on things where you have high accuracy and the target doesn't have high defense. It'll be really nice to have though.

My PUP is only 66, but it looks like that's the job that made out like a bandit with the new WS. A six hit crit WS is what NIN or MNK could really use to take them up a notch, and PUP got one! PUPs are reporting really nice numbers on merit party level mobs. I'd like to see for myself.

As an added bonus, as PUP I could solo off the WS points making a level 5 Light SC with a mage Automaton.

As far as future jobs, I'm not sure what I'd like to do. If people don't want the junk weapons I may lot them though unless it's a job I completely hate. I've got BRD, THF, and COR already, but I'm not really interested in any of those three.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

I can has EXP?

For just $0.39 a day, you could help EXP starving PUPs in a villge near you.

Please, think of the PUPs.

Minor Update: You can go vote for my picture of pure awesome on

Now back to punching Fortifications for 3.6k EXP/hr.

Monday, November 17, 2008


We did three Nyzul Isle runs tonight! We started with a 36-40 run. We got our first Behemoth which was pretty LOL compared to Fafnir and even Adamantoise on floor 20. It dropped Burning Fists!!!!Nobody else is MNK, so my awesome lot on them didn't matter and I got them! :-D

Now I just need 2,720 WS points and I will be able to use Ascetic's Fury. Because we ended on floor 50.Which means we're halfway to 100. 2,720 is a doable amount of WS points, but I'm tempted to wait until we do another run later in the week as it is still quite huge. We could hopefully get up to 55 or 60 at least which is a lot less WS. The 60, 80, and 100 bosses will be more interesting as I've never fought a Cerberus or Hydra type mob and the only Khaimera I've fought was the ToAU mission BCNM.

A definite plus is that when we get to floor 100 we can just have the person who picks the floor come the job they want the weapon for and they only need 250 WS points for it.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

PUP64! (& Dynamis-Sandy)

Been leveling PUP some more. (On the rare occassion I get a party invite.)Slowly, but surely to 75.

We did Dynamis-San d'Oria last night. I think it went well.
I didn't die, only took 118 damage, and thought this was pretty funny, actually.

I took a shower and as I went in saw PUP feet in the treasure pool already. It's not one of the Pantin pieces I'm crazy about, but it's decent so:I'm the proud owner of PUP relic boots. Making me 3/6 on the set.

Now to get 8 levels so I can wear them. ^.^;


Friday, November 14, 2008

This Week in FFXI

Well, it's only technically Friday, I haven't gone to sleep yet. So, here's what I've been up to this week.

Gone Fishin'It was like that all day. I didn't catch shit in hours of fishing.

Einherjar!We killed the boss and timed out with two regular mobs left over.


I think I'm only one or two runs from being able to get an item. I have no idea which one I'd want though, so I'll probably just save my ampoules.

Nyzul Isle!We did three more Nyzul Isle runs, so I'm now up to floor 35! :-D

We really need to kill some more NMs though as we don't get much in the way of Nyzul Weapons. Of course, we did get this:Which I didn't want. Tifaburgers lotted it, zoned, lotted it again, and logged before it dropped. It ended up getting lost. That bow could have appraised to a Vali's Bow (Rare/Ex Euryto's Bow) which would have been amazing for an RNG. I don't really want to level RNG though, and I'm not sure if anyone with us would have wanted it. We should probably figure that out before appraisals in the future.


And I'm not sure why, but I've been keeping my dark elemental in Pankration 24/7 practically.I've got about 350k jettons now. Which is enough jettons to get enough Zeni for a Pandemonium Warden popset using HQ camera and film. But, until we start doing some ZNMs I'm not going to bother taking more pictures for it.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Choose your own adventure

Something I saw while on the boat for Einherjar yesterday. As creative readers you get to fill in what happened next in the comments section.

For the record, I hadn't just switched from WHM automaton and equipped the Flashbulb so I could "Golden Salvage" solo/MPK any and all AFK Linkshell members in the hold of the ship.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

PUPdate v6.2

I've been leveling PUP some more lately! (And got about 300,000 jettons. No, I do not know why. LOL.)

I actually got party invites and had some Level Sync'd fun.I got 61 and 62 in the same party.

Unfortunately, we were synched to 55-56 the whole time, so I didn't get to use Howling Fist.

I did get Bougrion to do 591 and 620 Dazes on Lesser Colibri though which I think is pretty decent (with 2h).

With a Bard I was doing quite nice damage in the party before my last one. In the last one my damage and accuracy was pretty LOL even with sushi (55-56 cap), but Bougrion was a beast and the NIN at the start of the party couldn't keep him from dying repeatedly. The PLD who replaced him held hate much better and I only had Bougrion die once and that was when I knew Activate was cooled down so I didn't have him hold back any.

I'm curious how the next Automaton WS will be. The ranged one isn't as good as Daze from what I've heard. The mage automaton one is good with very low HP (i.e. not really useful at all). The melee one apparently is OK, but doesn't have the added effect Drain like Cannibal Blade making it situtational. But the melee frame blows for DDing anyway, so I'm not sure why anyone would use it.

I'm also very eagerly awating the 70s. I've got the relic cape and body waiting to equip as soon as I ding into them. I'd like to get the hands too which are like free Dusk Gloves (that PUP can actually wear). The feet and legs are mage automaton specific and the BLM head is pretty crappy until the 70s. Just a few more automaton attachments and I'll have all of those as well.

My PEP seems to be coming along pretty well, imho.

Now to go get a bit wasted before dynamis tonight.

Monday, November 10, 2008


This show is seriously unfunny, but the half the sound effects were stolen from Half-life by Valve Software. Or however they spell their name.

But seriously, where are the new Frisky Dingo episodes?

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I wrote a letter to's Q&A and it got posted.

As I mentioned, I haven't played a Persona game since #1, and am tempted to pick up #3 which has been out for a while. #4 is due out fairly soon too. SMT: Nocturne I mentioned too, and I'd like to find out if it is really ungodly diffcult like people have said it was.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A few things...

Damage Reduction -% gear + Phalanx 2 (no idea what Enhancing Magic and merit level) = Teh Awesome.

This first pic is 1000 Needles (we had lots to absorb the damage, obviously).And these two hits were Counters.I had Haste and Protect, I'm not sure if I had any Bard songs. I forgot to bring food with me. With -19% Physical Damage reduction and Phalanx 2 the hits were surprisingly low.

Also I saw this in Campagin today.
And sushi really does have Resist Sleep afterall.All very exciting stuff, I'm sure.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Stolen From BG

Click to enlarge so you can actually see it.

Found in this thread here. It's funny because it's true.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I'm Intarweb Famous!!

5:30 into the 57th RPGCast they mentioned yours truly weighing in on the Blue Dragon joke!

Dragon Quest VIII

Japanese people are seriously weird.

And, yes, I'm that bored.

I has no CCs. ; ;

I've got no working credit card at the moment, so I'll be out of FFXI for a while.

It would be easier to have a working credit card if I could actually find a job somewhere. Preferably, something during the day, but I'd settle for a few nights at this point.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

FFX by Pat!

It sure took him long enough, but Pat who wrote up articles on the other FFs 1-9 + lolMysticQuest has done up FFX now!

Are YOU a Socialist?

A rather funny flowchart to set you straight.