Saturday, January 31, 2009

Censorship on BG!

I've written before about how Lordwafik refused to accept my entry into the BG FFXI fan art contest, probably for personal and political considerations, despite being better than many of the other entries.

Then there was the whole deletion of posts discussing the Salvage and other instanced area duping by Wafik and other mods.

Now there's this: I posted to discuss SMN Astral Flow mega-burn parties in an intelligent and thoughtful manner and some cowardly anonymous moderators deleted my post!

I suspected that the elite BG jerks would try to keep Astral Burns on the down low for the elite few, so I screenshotted it before I went out for the night.So there's no denying it!

I'm calling you out, Wafik!

No longer will your Mod-Naziery remain in the shadows!

It's on!

Hidden secret disclaimer: I'm fucking kidding.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My PC is dead. (Not even vaguely FFXI related.)

Seriously... I take picture of my 24+ day uptime and three days later the fucking thing drops dead on me.

There's a few suspects left as to what's wrong with it. It will POST sometimes and then freezes shortly there after. The Hardware Monitor thingy in the BIOS says the CPU is running waaaaay hot despite the HSF working. I'll try remounting the HSF. I've got an even crappier CPU I can swap in to see if that's bad. I've got a feeling it's the shitty motherboard though (PC Chips...). That thing has never been right since I bought it.

The hardware monitor also says the CPU voltage is within .03V (1.78V instead of 1.75V) of spec, and the power supply is the only relatively new thing in the box, so I don't think it's the PSU.

If it turns out to be the CPU, at least the one replacing that would be the current one (1.20Ghz Thunderbird swapped in for 1.46Ghz Palomino) runs at a 100FSB, so it'll actually be a 100Mhz speed increase (because said POS motherboard won't POST with 133 FSB).

I've spec'd out cheap but reliable replacement parts already. I could get a drop-in replacement Micro-ATX motherboard, Athlon X2 (45W), 2GB DDR2, and an 80GB SATA drive for it and be back up and running. The motherboard has good embedded video and sound so I could put it into a tiny case as a Home Theatre PC whenever I find a job and get a nice quad-core CPU rig.

Update: My brother is awesome!

He had a Athlon XP 2500+ barebones system sitting in a corner here I didn't know about. I thought he had upgraded it when his motherboard died, but it's alive and well. It's an Nforce 2 chipset board too, so it's actually significantly faster than the piece of shit $40 motherboard I had been using.

I still really want to upgrade to a less than 5 year old system once I find a job though.

That, and pay off some student loans. Those fuckers calling all the time pisses me off.

Now, I just need to decide if I want to switch my harddrives over to the other case or move the whole motherboard out of the one it's in.

Assuming the thing works right...

66.3% increase in CPU clockspeed.

66% increase in FSB speed.

237% increase in memory bandwidth.

And that's assuming my math is right.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

People do this for money?

In my continuing quest to level Corsair to 37, I've been doing Fields of Valor extensively. I actually haven't partied on Corsair yet. So, I figured I'd go to Pashow Marshlands today for a change of scenery.

Right by the OP are a bunch of leeches and damselflies, so I figured, "I'll kill these!"Little did I know, apparently thread leeches are more highly sought after than Fafnir.

There's literally 10 level 75 people running around killing leeches and only leeches. You would kind of think that at 75 there would be more productive farming than what I did as a 40-50 something Black Mage waaaaaay back in the day.

Like maybe Crawler's Nest with funguars, crawlers, and lizards all having absurdly high drop rates with Treasure Hunter. Or outside Whitegate to NPC bird parts and AH Spider Webs with the added bonus of BS/KS seals.

But apparently not.

Anyway, it made this take forever:I did eventually hit level 27 COR, but it took a lot longer than expected.

So, screw this place I'm going to Qufim or somewhere.

I'm also kind of wondering with the whole Fields of Valor being added should that change etiquette with regards to farming areas?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Turtle Soup!

Does Adamantoise drop anything? I'm like 0/15 on seeing anything but some useless ores drop.It also hits me waaaaay harder than I was expecting with Terra's Staff (and little else) in the way of damage reduction gear. Seemed to be ~250 a hit compared to 150 on NIN or MNK.

Also, we had some plans made for if we got the HQ Aspi. I'm not sure how well we would have done on it, but I did get the gratuitous e-peen screenshot:Of course nobody tanked since we killed it in 2 minutes, but I didn't die because our Red Mages spammed Cure IV on me. lol

Oh well. At least it dropped nothing in 2 minutes this time instead of 15-25 minutes when I've killed it with only a few people meleeing it. It could have popped faster though. Meh.

Boring Day.

I've been bored the past few days.

I camped Adamantoise last night. Didn't get claim. Was there for six hours because somebody put the first window time instead of ToD on the LS site for some reason.

/stare @ you know who ;-p

Anyway, I went SCH/RDM because that's what I was on when I logged in and back out at Valley of Sorrows. Some "fish eye lens" funSo you get to see my pimp coat for the first time here.

I'm considering picking up an Enhancing Torque as it will bump my Ascension Phalanx up 1 more point of damage to 26 damage/hit negated.

I've decided to try and get Corsair to level 37 again. I got from 24-26 in a few hours today. I did the Fields of Valor thing in Meriphataud Mountains.I got several permanent item chests and got myself an awesome Lizard Helm and two White Mitts.I paid enough attention in math class that I know counting theory and the odds of my guessing right. I'm doing significantly better than the odds today. Which I guess makes up for my going 1/9 or something in Buburimu Peninsula when I was there two weeks ago.

Probably the biggest plus to the Fields of Valor solo would be that I can go dressed like this:And no one gives a shit that I'm dressed in garbage.

Well, I mean, somebody probably /checked me and then did "/linkshell OMG luk at wut dis guy iz worin!!!!" But, I'm soloing, so fuck that guy. In the ear.

Like I said. Boring. But what can you do

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More Bannings to Come?

There was that whole mass Salvage duper banning/suspension thing this past week. I can't help but wonder if there is going to be more?

They just sent warning letters to some people. They may have more investigations ongoing and drop the hammer on some more folks. Or this could be it. There was a bit of bragging on BG from people who said they escaped this round.

In any case, I'd kind of like to see some "Coming Next Version Update!" blurbs soon. Which I bet will be stupid shit like new Avatars rather than something useful.

Friday, January 23, 2009

OMG! (Scholar)

w00t!I just got an Argute Coat!!!

A few minutes after I got to dance a jig on Evilbron's corpse! It's like f#@*ing Christmas!!!Yay! :-D

The Magic of Pizza & Six Hits of Awesome

I haven't done much meriting since the update, but the addition of Marinara Pizza has completely changed the way it is for 1h DDs on non-Birds.

I finally got around to trying one out in Limbus and it was veerrrrry nice. (The extra 'r's are to reflect now nice it was.)I didn't quite have sushi level capped accuracy or the higher end meat level of per fist damage, but it was close enough to both to be better overall.

Now if SE adds a level 80-90ish Cooking synth next update that lets you slice pizzas up into 30 minute foods it'll be near-perfect for us non-Usukane Monks and Ninjas of the world.

The Limbus run itself went fairly well. If anyone needed SAM upgrade items we got 5 of them, so they're probably set for a while. :-P

A Scholar item dropped, but I passed on it to Keffka (who passed the only Apollyon BLM item I've seen in over a year to let me finally get my Hat +1). His Scholar is going to be totally pimped out compared to mine. lol

I'm not sure what piece I'd even upgrade first, they're all pretty awesome.

Also, Miliani is evil. (Check out her Emerald Chip lot):

Six Hits of Awesome!

I got the PUP Nyzul Isle weapon the other day and finally finished working off the latent. It's really pretty.A quick trip to Lower Jeuno...And Stringing Pummel is mine to use with a weapon that doesn't (totally) suck.

A Youtube video I stole from the Wiki:

(It looks slightly cooler in person and not the size of my thumb.)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

HAHAHAHAHAHA! (lolSalvageDupers) (Or: The Adventures of Schadenfreude in the Melancholy Land of Final Fantasty XI)

I believe the germans call it Schadenfreude...

Anyway, looks like SE has had all it can stands and it can't stands no more.
In November 2008, we discovered an issue that allowed players to create multiple items for certain treasures and rewards in areas such as Salvage and Assault by exploiting the game system.

The issue was fixed during emergency maintenance on November 26, 2008. However, we discovered that some players had already exploited the issue and used it to gain additional items before it was addressed. We then investigated more than a year's worth of logs throughout all areas.

As a result of the investigation, approximately 400 players were temporarily suspended based on the evidence gathered. Approximately 550 players who committed more serious misconduct had their accounts banned.

We are working hard to ensure that these kinds of issues do not occur again in FINAL FANTASY XI. However, if you discover any problems with the game system, please submit a GM call or fill out the feedback e-mail form to report the problems to us, instead of exploiting or spreading the issue.

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.
Thread on BG about it I'm reading now. I'm told somebody with multiple relics no longer has an account. Should be a LOLtastically entertaining read.

Duping has destroyed the economies of other MMOs entirely, and is a known bannable exploit in multiple games dating back more than a decade. It also resulted in massive inflation that fucked over (and benefitted) lots of people in FFXI about two years ago. So the usual Q_Qing about how unfair the LM-17s are should be amusing.

A day or three off might give people some time to think about how they could better spend their time cheating in WoW or something.

I'm curious how the bannings will affect my rank? They yank your rank and info off pretty quickly when your account is inactive (say, your credit card stopped working), so I might get ~50 higher overall and maybe 5 higher on Hades by doing nothing.

I should probably take advantage of the likely HNM disarray by camping Adamantoise again. I got my egg and BB, but we still have a bunch of people in Epic who would like one.

Anyway, go read the thread. It's likely quite funny.

Minor Update: Alternate titles for this post included "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas", but apparently there's a title length limitation on Blogger. (It was a clever reference to my previous post on the subject that I doubt anyone would remember much less "get.")

Also, go check out the Tarutaru Times Online to see what other people are saying on their FFXI blogs about Salvage Dupes and whatnot.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dynamis - Tavnazia & LC60!

I went on my second Dynamis - Tavnazia run yesterday!

It was a fun run. The drops we got were a mixed bag though. Two Dancer pants dropped. It's an awesome piece (Haste+3%), but only one person wanted them, so the other got trashed. We got two double drops of Body -1 pieces. Two COR, one RNG, and one BRD.
Also, it turns out I'm psychic:That, or Jam doesn't EXP much/ever.

I also was kind of puzzled by my Asuran damage on the Leech mobs.Until I happened to look in my Equip menu and notice the potency of Acid Mist.Which was with Soul Voice Minuet and a Meat Mithkabob, so I'd say it's pretty potent. Either something like Attack -100% (capped at 1) or Attack -800.

I thought I had some other pics (a tarutaru with HP merits surviving with single digit health and my HP being 1,337 and totally awesome), but I'm not sure what happened to them. And they weren't really all that cool anyway, so it's no big loss.

Leathercraft 60!

I've been working on getting all my crafts to 60 as I've mentioned before, and did the final push to 60 on Leathercraft today! Which just leaves Smithing and Goldsmithing to finish up now.I've got Smithing planned out already thanks to some input from LS mates.

I looked at Goldsmithing and it doesn't look too painful, but I'll need to make some money first as it's going to tie up around 1.5 million gil in various ingots and stuff. Which is several times more gil than my broke ass has at the moment. My planned path to finish Smithing will probably net me 1-3 million as I'm planning to do some mining on Mount Z for Steel Ingot mats. If I get lucky with 5-10 Khroma Ores I'll have more than enough gil.

So, it's basically just more grinding and I'm done.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pretty Productive Day in FFXI

I logged on to FFXI today to see "this MNK sucks" in LS chat. It turns out, several people in Epic were doing Nyzul Isle runs. I mentioned that sucky MNKs is what happens when one associates with non-Evil Monks, and was invited to come along for a run or two. Our first run we moved slow and were pressed for time towards the end.

We got a Cerberus boss (Floor 80) and started killing it. At ~15% HP my PS2 overheated and shutoff. Again. I pointed a fan at it, turned it back on, and logged back in to see I got a bunch of tokens as the Assault ended. The Denali body and SAM weapon dropped. Neither of which really interest me, so I didn't mind not having a chance to lot anything.

Got Corporal?

The win did put me at 25/25 points needed to rank up, so later that day I did my usual /shout "Anyone seen the Warhorse Hoofprint? /tell Evilpaul {please}".

Moments later, a guy sent me a /tell saying he saw it in Caedarva Mire on top of a hill.

Which isn't the most helpful description, there are several hills in Caedarva Mire, but it was enough as I went to the hill people EXP on Imps/Spongilla flies near Azouph Isle staging point and found it.

I went back to Naja Psychoheem and tada~And a quick trip over to the former Gate Guard guy in Whitegate netted me one of the two remaining Imperial Standing items I wanted:The Shark Gun!

Not as good as a Coffin-maker for NIN/RNG, but a close enough second. (Also, I don't have to unlock it with 500 WS points which I would prefer never to do ever again.) Of course, my Marksmanship is only ~107 so I won't get to do anything with NIN/RNG until I cap it.

Nyzul Isle Take Two

A second run and we had a Hydra boss. I mentioned that my record with Hydra isn't very good. The fucker spams his Physical Shield and is apparently immune to non-elemental damage (a.k.a. Chi Blast and Formless Strikes) making me pretty useless while it's up. But we killed it and got a PUP weapon!Nobody else wanted it, so I can finally get Stringing Pummel and have a non-sucky WS as PUP! :-D

Stringing Pummel Time!

I went to work breaking the latent afterwards. I was going to do it outside Whitegate, but decided to venture to the more classic Kuftal Tunnel.

Unfortunately, as a result of leveling mostly in Campaign battles, my Automaton's skills are all greatly underleveled. So I can't do Magic Mortar -> Dragon Kick to make Light. I did get lots of skill ups though, including a few in Guard, so it was worth the extra time.I decided to go kill some lizards and see if I could get Amemet to pop. (There was nobody there camping it.) This was tricky because Guivre was up walking around looking for people who would make good dragon food.

I hadn't even cleared the room, when:Amemet popped!

I didn't realize it, but it actually patrols the place in a big loop like Guivre. When it got to a spot near the entrance I pulled it!

Which in retrospect really wasn't a very good idea.I got it to 80-90% or so (no Windower :-P) before it killed me. The people standing behind me didn't claim it after I died. They just watched it run off. They did Raise me though, which was quite nice of them.

Amemet spent almost 30 more minutes running around before some people claimed and killed it.

Needs Moar DEF?

I didn't have Signet when I was in Kuftal, but I'm noticing that my PUP/DNC gets hit a LOT harder than my MNK/DNC. That's partly because of lower DEF. I'm wearing some Cobra Unit stuff which has shitty DEF. And also because I've got ~25 less VIT. I also don't have any Physical Damage -% gear for PUP besides a Jelly Ring which is not particularly effective on its own. I could /NIN obviously, but then I miss out on Guard skill ups. I also only have 12% Haste so recasts would suck.

In general, Decent Challenge and higher mobs are simply hitting too hard to use any Automaton setup other than the WHM one as PUP/DNC which is disappointing. I'll have to see about getting some Haste/DEF/VIT/PHY DMG-% build and see how I fair then.

I didn't actually finish the latent as I had other things to do (more on that in a moment), but did get Auto melee skill to 221 which is just a few points shy of Magic Mortar.

The Wyrmking Rapeth!

I left Kuftal to go do another Bahumat V2 run. I think it went pretty well.As you might imagine from the picture, Bahumat got off a Teraflare.The CS Stun was screwed up and we got hit with the 4 status Dispel TP move twice. The first took both Soul Voice March songs and one Minuet. The second took the other Minuet and one Madrigal. As a result, my Meat Mithkabob+Berserk still had me mostly hitting for 0s. (I did pull off a 526 Howling Fist though which was probably most of my damage.) A DRG used Angon on it part way through and my damage went up somewhat but was still horrible.

The two other MNKs there (one /NIN one /WAR) performed similarly terrible.

As Bahumat's HP hit low single digits I saw him charging up Teraflare and was pretty sure it was all over. Fortunately, Davik RR'd and finished him off with some RNG omgwtfDMGhax of some sort.

Drops were decent.Epic got a Bahumat's Staff and Yunarille got the B.'s Scythe. Still no B.'s Mask for our tanks though. The cloth is going to a Bard for their JSE.

I'm not sure whether we have another Monarch's Orb leftover still or not. So we'll probably do some more Ouryu fights once some Cloud Evokers actually drop from ENMs.

It's kind of strange. You do ENMs for Ouryu orbs (sometimes). You do Ouryu for Bahumat orbs (100%). You do Bahumat get 2 of the Rare/Ex (100%) and maybe some crafting materials. It's in effect tiered almost the exact way Sea Jailers used to be yet nobody thinks of it that way.

I could probably @Bahumat's Staff on the next batch we do and get one if it drops. On the other hand, I'd be tossing it immediately into Storage, so saving points for something else would probably make more sense.

Working Some Leather?

I couldn't think of a subtitle and didn't want to use the obvious bondage-related joke.

Anyway, I've continued to try and get all crafts to 60 on Evilpaul. I think I'm doing pretty well. I've been making tiger leather for a while now, and hit 56 earlier.Another level, and I can skill up turning all those tanned hides into Hard Leather Rings which will probably end up being NPC'd.

I'll also cross the completely arbitrary, but cool because it's a nice, big, round number of 50,000 Achievement Points on once it and the LS Community site are updated.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

"That's a difficult question because it's so odd."

I wrote in to the Holiday Special QnA which is a special video edition! I realized after sending it that my question was slightly misworded. ("If games were real, ...")

And my question got picked as Question 3 and answered! (At ~9:50 into the video)

It's quite funny and only 13 minutes long, so go watch it!


This is probably going to an angrier more profanity laden post than normal. Forewarned is forearmed. Or some shit like that.

I need to switch rooms or something. The fireplace is in my room, which is great because it's fucking warm here when I get a fire going, but it's bad because my PS2 is like 10 years old and fucking shits itself when it's over 60F in the room. I can just not make a fire and let the heater heat the house, but it sucks in comparison and that pisses everyone else off.

I also fucking hate the cold, so screw that.

It's my dream in life to get a sunburn on my birthday. Which was about 35 days ago and nowhere (word? it's fucking late) near the -4 degrees Fahrenheit that it is tonight outside. I'd go to Ecuador, except they don't speak English there, and my Spanish sucks. So, I'm thinking New Zealand. But weather there is supposed to be non-shitty year round, so I'd have to be out all day to get burned there. (It's ~45-85 year round there.)

I did a Dynamis - Windurst run tonight. And my PS2 overheated three times before I finally gave up waiting and restarting it. The actual run, for what I was there of it, went quite well. We got a bunch of relic armor, including PUP hands for me, and some weapons. We also didn't wipe and I didn't die.

Dorps (misspelled purposely :-P) included:We got a bunch of the BST and NIN hats. The PUP hands are pretty awesome. I still haven't seen any SCH relic drop yet though. We get lots of PUP/BLU/COR that's mostly unwanted and lots of lolPetJob relic (SMN/BST/DRG), but SE seems to have lost all our SCH relics in the mail. Well, not all. Keff said he got the pants on the Bastok run I missed. lol

Also, anyone have some software that can make JPEGs into animated GIFs? Evilbron died, so I had to celebrate:Dead EB makes me happy. :-D

One last pic:I'm not sure what this pic was supposed to be of, but Meilu has the only non-emo SMN macros I've ever seen. They're kind of cool, actually. He's got the direction on the Vanadiel sky chart that the avatars represent in them.

I'm still against /party macros in general unless it's something that the people in the party actually need to know (God made /echo for a reason), but if you're going to /p your SMN magic, BRD buffs, or whatever, at least make them genuinely creative.

And don't put a fucking {call1} in your Provoke macro. I hate that person in Valkurm Dunes who does that everytime I level there.

That's it for this week's installment of drunken, disgruntled Evilpaul's Corner. Please check your local listings for future dates and times.