Monday, January 5, 2009

Astonishing Wyrms Everywhere!

Epic LS did our first Bahumat V2 tonight! I wasn't sure how it would go, but we triumphed!Keffka got an awesome new staff for his SMN12 (or whatever lol) and Verm got some Hoses for his MNK. Decent amount of gil items dropped too, but no Sha'ir Manteel items.

I'm a bit disappointed with my Bahumat killing skills. I only did 1,755 damage on it during the zerg which is less than 10% of the estimated HP. I don't have a parser because I play on lolPS2memorylimitationsetc, but I don't filter my own damage and I have Windows Calculator and know how to use it. I do have other people's damage filtered though, because I'm on a PS2 and that lags the crap out of me, so I'm not sure how everyone else did. Presumably, the KC DRK outdamaged me though. lol

We did two Nyzul runs afterwards.Timed out on our first one because Hydra is an asshole. Second one was Khimaira and we beat the fuck out of him in short order. I really like the Counterstance+Fanatic's Drink combo. It probably increases my DPS by ~30% or so with Hundred Fists.

Sadly, the liony bastard didn't drop any armor, which we have really bad luck with, but he did drop a SMN weapon. I lotted it, so I'll probably go break the latent on it tomorrow.

While Summoner melee is completely worthless, the new WS is light damage based, does OKish damage, and is enhanced by Apollo's Staff. So, it's OK for meleeing alongside Carbuncle. Plus it's not hard to break when I can do level 2 SCs solo as SMN.

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