Monday, January 26, 2009

Boring Day.

I've been bored the past few days.

I camped Adamantoise last night. Didn't get claim. Was there for six hours because somebody put the first window time instead of ToD on the LS site for some reason.

/stare @ you know who ;-p

Anyway, I went SCH/RDM because that's what I was on when I logged in and back out at Valley of Sorrows. Some "fish eye lens" funSo you get to see my pimp coat for the first time here.

I'm considering picking up an Enhancing Torque as it will bump my Ascension Phalanx up 1 more point of damage to 26 damage/hit negated.

I've decided to try and get Corsair to level 37 again. I got from 24-26 in a few hours today. I did the Fields of Valor thing in Meriphataud Mountains.I got several permanent item chests and got myself an awesome Lizard Helm and two White Mitts.I paid enough attention in math class that I know counting theory and the odds of my guessing right. I'm doing significantly better than the odds today. Which I guess makes up for my going 1/9 or something in Buburimu Peninsula when I was there two weeks ago.

Probably the biggest plus to the Fields of Valor solo would be that I can go dressed like this:And no one gives a shit that I'm dressed in garbage.

Well, I mean, somebody probably /checked me and then did "/linkshell OMG luk at wut dis guy iz worin!!!!" But, I'm soloing, so fuck that guy. In the ear.

Like I said. Boring. But what can you do

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