Saturday, January 31, 2009

Censorship on BG!

I've written before about how Lordwafik refused to accept my entry into the BG FFXI fan art contest, probably for personal and political considerations, despite being better than many of the other entries.

Then there was the whole deletion of posts discussing the Salvage and other instanced area duping by Wafik and other mods.

Now there's this: I posted to discuss SMN Astral Flow mega-burn parties in an intelligent and thoughtful manner and some cowardly anonymous moderators deleted my post!

I suspected that the elite BG jerks would try to keep Astral Burns on the down low for the elite few, so I screenshotted it before I went out for the night.So there's no denying it!

I'm calling you out, Wafik!

No longer will your Mod-Naziery remain in the shadows!

It's on!

Hidden secret disclaimer: I'm fucking kidding.


  1. does kinda make a laugh at how hypocritical the admins are...

  2. especially when your post was obviously to benefit the entire community

  3. Hypocritical mod and duping cheater, who woulda thought.

  4. Hey I'm an ex-FF player who has been reading your blog a lot and am thinking about getting back into FFXI because of you! I hope we can contact each other sometime and chat.