Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dynamis - Beaucedine & Smithing

We did another Dynamis - Beaucedine run on Friday!

It turns out, that I have magic powers. I simply say "dorp!!!" and...We get drops nobody wants! XD

We did get a few good drops though, including two WHM bodies.No Scholar bodies though, because as Keff noted Scholar Relic does not exist. Q_Q

Meh, maybe next time.

Also, Keff made me do it!He said, "kill her!" in /say, so I was unable to stop myself. ;_;

A new reason Scholar > Black Mage is how fast you can drop charmed people with Alacrity. LOL.

A few things are going on in this last picture.First, I'm using my awesome new Enlightenment merit ability. With only 1/5 levels of it the recast is 10 minutes, but I'm finding it very useful as I can cast Reraise 2 or a -na without switching from Dark Arts Addendum: Black to the Light Arts + Addendum and back again. And while Paralyzed it has the added bonus of one more chance to get access to Paralyna in case Enlightenment or Light Arts get eaten by a para proc.

Second, Tenken is showing somebody reads the crap I post on the LS website about how awesome Fealty is in dealing with Mijin Gakure.

And third, you can see the aftermath of EB going emo and logging out again. I didn't even say anything this time, but people still bitch at me in /tell about it. :-P

Smithing Time!

I started up leveling Smithing again as I mentioned I had planned to.Steel Ingot Phase 1 is complete, now on to make a buttload of Mythril Ingots to make worthless Boltheads with.

Also, did you know people want Scholars for meritpo? Me neither, but I've gotten two invites while not seeking in the past two days.Anyway, with some input from Keff on the last Smithing thread, I've revised my plan to get to 60 and it now looks like this:
34 - Plain Caps
36 - Steel Sheets
40 - Steel Scales
44 - Mythril Bolt Heads
47-48 (53 cap) - Gorget
51 - Steel Finger Gauntlets
54 - Steel Ingot
56 - Steel greaves
60 (66 cap) - Nodowa
Relatively pain-free to get the rest of the way to 60.

I'll have plenty of Gorgets if anyone wants to spend some time in Sea, let me know. I would kind of like to get a Flame Gorget.

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