Monday, January 12, 2009

Dynamis - Buburimu...Mishaps

Frequent readers will undoubtedly know I'm not a huge fan of dragons. It's not that they aren't really freaking cool, it's more that they use my face as a chew toy roughly 50% of the time I meet one.

Case in point: Apocalyptic Beast.

As you can tell from the name, it's not a friendly dragon.

It also has a TP move called Thorn Song which puts really potent spikes on it. Like ~220 damage per fist potent. So if you were to pop Hundred Fists right before AB popped Thorn Song, you'd find yourself dead hilariously fast. I was actually dead before I had any idea how I died.

As super-Haste charged DDs everyone else hitting it followed suit in a few moments.

The aftermath was pretty funny at least.It used Chainspell and ran around raping everyone who hadn't raped themselves on its spikes.

So no win that time, but at least it was entertaining.

Also, apparently the Scholar Belt drops there, but nobody knows what drops it. I've even gotten /tells from a few people asking about it. So, if you know what it's from please leave a comment.


  1. You guys didn't make it long enough to make EB go emo on the event? Shamed.

  2. She killed her party once and was kind of emo overall I think.