Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dynamis - Tavnazia & LC60!

I went on my second Dynamis - Tavnazia run yesterday!

It was a fun run. The drops we got were a mixed bag though. Two Dancer pants dropped. It's an awesome piece (Haste+3%), but only one person wanted them, so the other got trashed. We got two double drops of Body -1 pieces. Two COR, one RNG, and one BRD.
Also, it turns out I'm psychic:That, or Jam doesn't EXP much/ever.

I also was kind of puzzled by my Asuran damage on the Leech mobs.Until I happened to look in my Equip menu and notice the potency of Acid Mist.Which was with Soul Voice Minuet and a Meat Mithkabob, so I'd say it's pretty potent. Either something like Attack -100% (capped at 1) or Attack -800.

I thought I had some other pics (a tarutaru with HP merits surviving with single digit health and my HP being 1,337 and totally awesome), but I'm not sure what happened to them. And they weren't really all that cool anyway, so it's no big loss.

Leathercraft 60!

I've been working on getting all my crafts to 60 as I've mentioned before, and did the final push to 60 on Leathercraft today! Which just leaves Smithing and Goldsmithing to finish up now.I've got Smithing planned out already thanks to some input from LS mates.

I looked at Goldsmithing and it doesn't look too painful, but I'll need to make some money first as it's going to tie up around 1.5 million gil in various ingots and stuff. Which is several times more gil than my broke ass has at the moment. My planned path to finish Smithing will probably net me 1-3 million as I'm planning to do some mining on Mount Z for Steel Ingot mats. If I get lucky with 5-10 Khroma Ores I'll have more than enough gil.

So, it's basically just more grinding and I'm done.


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