Friday, January 9, 2009

FFXI Maintenance. Also: I'm a Witch.

There was an FFXI maintenance the other day. Apparently people are overstuffed on Odin server for god knows what reason.

I got back on fairly quickly afterwards.I joined up with some LS people and went to kill NMs. They were at Behemoth, so I headed there.Focker spawned outside my casting range, so the slow claiming and killing people that were there got it. I'm pretty sure that I've duoed Adamantoise in less time, while dealing with adds, than these 10 guys killed freaking Behemoth.

Next, we went to Bune.Which an RDM was soloing in a horrendously slow manner.

Poison 2 takes over an hour to kill Bune if anyone is wondering.

The RDM did kill it eventually, and was rewarded with some wyvern wings or something that didn't include an Enhancing Sword. He got very lucky with para procs and not getting interrupted when he probably should have been. Good demonstration of skill and catheter ownership overall though.

Later, GGs and I went to do ENM Brothers and see about getting some EXP, gil items, and hopefully a Cloud Evoker so we could do more Bahumat V2s.

At the top, we found this out:GGs didn't trade in the sack of ice crap for a key item. XD

I returned, much cleaner, and waited for the snowstorm to stop so the ice wall would drop and GGs could get to the ENM area. I used my proven "bitch about it in LS" method, and voila!The snowstorm stopped! And, as it turns out:I'm a witch, magic, or snowstorm Jesus! We report, you decide.

The battle was uneventful though. Blew up two taurus NMs and got phat lootz!Except for the phat lootz part. We got 1.5k NPC gil worth of jack squat.


I've been leveling my Smithing lately by farming Mythril Ores off golems in Fei'Yin and Capricious Cassie popped on me today. After a waiting a while, people from Epic came to kill it.But, at 3% it spammed 5 breaths in a row.And we wiped at 1%. I died as I was spamming my Howling Fist macro with 100% TP which probably would have killed it.

We tried again when a second WHM came to raise us.And we killed it.And got crap for it.

I suggested we never do CC again, and everyone agreed.

It's severely sucky.

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