Friday, January 23, 2009

The Magic of Pizza & Six Hits of Awesome

I haven't done much meriting since the update, but the addition of Marinara Pizza has completely changed the way it is for 1h DDs on non-Birds.

I finally got around to trying one out in Limbus and it was veerrrrry nice. (The extra 'r's are to reflect now nice it was.)I didn't quite have sushi level capped accuracy or the higher end meat level of per fist damage, but it was close enough to both to be better overall.

Now if SE adds a level 80-90ish Cooking synth next update that lets you slice pizzas up into 30 minute foods it'll be near-perfect for us non-Usukane Monks and Ninjas of the world.

The Limbus run itself went fairly well. If anyone needed SAM upgrade items we got 5 of them, so they're probably set for a while. :-P

A Scholar item dropped, but I passed on it to Keffka (who passed the only Apollyon BLM item I've seen in over a year to let me finally get my Hat +1). His Scholar is going to be totally pimped out compared to mine. lol

I'm not sure what piece I'd even upgrade first, they're all pretty awesome.

Also, Miliani is evil. (Check out her Emerald Chip lot):

Six Hits of Awesome!

I got the PUP Nyzul Isle weapon the other day and finally finished working off the latent. It's really pretty.A quick trip to Lower Jeuno...And Stringing Pummel is mine to use with a weapon that doesn't (totally) suck.

A Youtube video I stole from the Wiki:

(It looks slightly cooler in person and not the size of my thumb.)

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