Thursday, January 29, 2009

My PC is dead. (Not even vaguely FFXI related.)

Seriously... I take picture of my 24+ day uptime and three days later the fucking thing drops dead on me.

There's a few suspects left as to what's wrong with it. It will POST sometimes and then freezes shortly there after. The Hardware Monitor thingy in the BIOS says the CPU is running waaaaay hot despite the HSF working. I'll try remounting the HSF. I've got an even crappier CPU I can swap in to see if that's bad. I've got a feeling it's the shitty motherboard though (PC Chips...). That thing has never been right since I bought it.

The hardware monitor also says the CPU voltage is within .03V (1.78V instead of 1.75V) of spec, and the power supply is the only relatively new thing in the box, so I don't think it's the PSU.

If it turns out to be the CPU, at least the one replacing that would be the current one (1.20Ghz Thunderbird swapped in for 1.46Ghz Palomino) runs at a 100FSB, so it'll actually be a 100Mhz speed increase (because said POS motherboard won't POST with 133 FSB).

I've spec'd out cheap but reliable replacement parts already. I could get a drop-in replacement Micro-ATX motherboard, Athlon X2 (45W), 2GB DDR2, and an 80GB SATA drive for it and be back up and running. The motherboard has good embedded video and sound so I could put it into a tiny case as a Home Theatre PC whenever I find a job and get a nice quad-core CPU rig.

Update: My brother is awesome!

He had a Athlon XP 2500+ barebones system sitting in a corner here I didn't know about. I thought he had upgraded it when his motherboard died, but it's alive and well. It's an Nforce 2 chipset board too, so it's actually significantly faster than the piece of shit $40 motherboard I had been using.

I still really want to upgrade to a less than 5 year old system once I find a job though.

That, and pay off some student loans. Those fuckers calling all the time pisses me off.

Now, I just need to decide if I want to switch my harddrives over to the other case or move the whole motherboard out of the one it's in.

Assuming the thing works right...

66.3% increase in CPU clockspeed.

66% increase in FSB speed.

237% increase in memory bandwidth.

And that's assuming my math is right.

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